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Friday, March 11, 2011

♦♣♠♥MACAU at First Glance♥♠♣♦

When we we had our HONG KONG Trip back in Feb 2009, I wanted to squeeze in even a half day tour in MACAU not only because it was just a turbo jet away but I wanted to simply experience the Vegas of the East. Three days wasn't really enough to explore the islands of Hong Kong, so I said "Enough of the Macau thing" ... for that time being of course ツ

One day in November 2010, while browsing Facebook Cebu Pacific posted an advertisement regarding promo fare for Macau. We then grabbed it and luckily got 2 slots for January 2011. Our Point of origin though would be in DMIA in Clark. Picky??! No way... I would be in Macau soon. We immediately booked a 2 night stay at Grandview Hotel in Taipa.

I've waited for 2 long months for that said trip, too excited for this would be the first time me and my better half will be traveling all by ourselves outside the country. (Hongkong trip was with family and friends.) But this doesn't really matter at all, I've got all my time to learn more about the Macanese culture and check out all the exciting tourist spots to visit while in Macau.

Christmas and  New years passed and the long wait is finally over... yippeeee!!!

January 12, 2011 was the big day!!!

Since our flight would still be at 7:00 pm, we had a chance for last minute packing and (mind you ) I still have to do attire checking =) considering that it was comparatively mild winter in Macau from January to March. Fortunately, sissy got a pair of boots to spare for the trip, now i no longer have to buy one.

The only bus that would take us to DMIA (Clark Airport) was Philtranco, it arrived @ 3:30 pm in SM Mega A, apparently there were about a few passengers bound for Clark that time so the bus took off promptly. 

We arrived at exactly 5:30 pm at Clark, still enough time to polish airport stuffs like immigration, travel tax and terminal fees and not to mention, pictures ツ

                                                                  DMIA (Clark Airport)

We patiently waited for the flight to be called, finally @ 7: 30 announcements for departure were made for flight 5J 370. Though delayed, it was only for 45 minutes. What the hell? I'm gonna be in A-ma gao in no time!!!
The suave maneuver of the aircraft brought us safe to Macau in less than 2 hours.  I finally got a glance of Sands upon landing to Macau at exactly 10pm.  We were welcomed by the grandeur lights of City of Dreams. I can't get hold of my breath anymore. I was too excited to set my foot in to the land were East meets West.  Then I heard our pilot announcing that ground temp was 6 degrees... whoah!!! chills!!!

At Macau International Airport, we headed straight to Forex  to have our Hongkong dollars changed to Pataca.
Pataca, Macau's unit of Currency
Macau International Airport
Forex @ Macau International Airport
We hailed a cab to bring us to Grandview (Kwan Yee Tsau Dim) Taipa and paid MOP80 = Php460.80 in Philippine Peso.
                                                             Grandview Hotel Entrance

Our Hotel Room

Tired and hungry, after unpacking at our hotel room, we directly went downstairs to look for any restaurants/fast foods for a late night dinner. Surprisingly, there's a supermarket and a 7-Eleven located opposite the hotel.  We managed to pick some instant fried noodles and mineral water (perhaps that's enough for a late dinner). We ended the day with pictures @ the Four -Faced Buddha which is just located in front of the supermarket.

Four-faced buddha

The next day, our first stop was supposedly the majestic Statue of the Goddess Ama in Coloane.

Accidentally, we failed to alight at Estrada Seac Pai Van bus stop. We ended at a quiet and lazy village of Coloane, the main village on the island. Since I did some research on what to see in Coloane, I know that despite missing the bus stop to A-ma statue there's still a must-see in the village. We headed straight to Chapel of St. Francis Xavier where we say a little prayer  before we started our adventures to the whole of Macau. By the way, we accidentally bumped into a Filipino who's a resident of Coloane, shared to us that Ex-Pres Corazon Aquino always pay a visit to this Small Chapel for a silent prayer whenever she was in Macao.

St. Francis Xavier

In front of St. Francis Xavier Chapel
It's not really bad after all to have Coloane village as your first stop, we were able to have our breakfast @ the famous Lord Stow's Garden.
World's Most Famous Portuguese Egg Tart
After a hearty breakfast,  we started our long walk (a good 30 minute walk) on our way to Seac Pai Van Park where a free shuttle  would take us on top of Alto de Coloane where A-ma statue and cultural village is situated.


Free shuttle to Ama Statue and Cultural Village

Cultural Village

Atop Coloane Hill

      Only a few trippers make it to the Cultural Village***...perhaps because of its location and the fact that it's situated away from the bustling city center. Tourist's main purpose for visiting Macau is possibly to gamble. Not for peeps like us... I enjoy trips more for its good historical sights.
Goddess of A-ma

  *** This is according to all the forums and blogs I read.  So, if you'll try to check out about Goddess of A-ma, only a few blogs will be retrieved about it.
~♥~ Next Stop, Macau Peninsula. 

We never got the chance to have our lunch, we were so overwhelmed with the scenic beauty of the whole Peninsula we then went straight to A-Ma temple @ Rua de Sao Tiago da Barra. 

A-ma Temple


We took Bus 3 to bring us to Largo de Senado or Senate Square, one of Macau's iconic landmark along with St. Paul's Ruins.  The area is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Santa Casa da Misericórdia (Holy House of Mercy of Macau)
Is an historic white building in Senado Square, a charitable body founded in 1498 and it was established in 1569
St. Dominic Church
Alley leading to the Ruins.
Ruins of St. Paul

A walk through Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro, Macau's main road lead us to Sofitel Macau at Ponte 16 where Asia's first Michael Jackson's Gallery was unveiled. Exhibiting 40 iconic items of MJ's career including his famous rhinestone gloves.

"Moonwalk" glove used by Michael Jackson
Portrait of Charlie Chaplin by Michael Jackson

The best way to enjoy Macau Peninsula is on foot. A tour guide or a ride perhaps is not necessary. You can walk through to small alleys and roads, finding yourself to another tourist destination.
Casino Lisboa
Grand Lisboa
Wynn, Macau
Performance Lake
Ferrari @ Wynn
Tree of Prosperity Show, Wynn
MGM Macau

The night's so young, life in this bustling city had just started...but we're really quite tired, we ought to get some rest for tomorrow's another day to explore the wonderful city of Macau.

January 13, 2011

♥♥♥We started our SECOND DAY at Taipa Houses Museum, which is located at Avenida de Praia. The complex features five houses each displaying various artifacts and exhibits. Taipa House Museum is one of the tourist spots which is about... 10 to 15 minute walk from Grandview Hotel.

Macanese House

Nice Shot

A walk through narrow pavements brought us to Rua do Cunha subsequently after. Rua do cunha is a narrow pedestrian street in Vila da Taipa, known as the Food Street in Macau selling almond cakes, coconut flakes, cherikoff and peanut candy. You can also find cheap Macau souvenirs to bring home for those who are waiting.

We spent our lunch at 360° Cafe at Macau Tower where you get to catch a bird's eye view of the whole Macau... What a sight while you lavishly enjoy lunch!!!

360° Cafe

A quick stop @ Toys R US ( bought a puppet Mickey Mouse )
@ Macau Convention Center


Friendship Bridge

                A snap shot of Orient of Arc, an arch at a traffic roundabout along Avenida de Amizade.

Orient Arch

We ended the afternoon at Guia Hill, we rode the shortest cable ride in the world. From Jardim Da Flora, we took the 60 second cable ride atop Guia Hill. Another 10 minute walk brought us to Guia Chapel, Fort and Lighthouse.

Riding the shortest cable ride @ Jardim da Flora
Guia Tunnel
Our Lady of Guia Chapel and Lighthouse

Macau's Skyscraper

On our way to Fisherman's Wharf, we happened to pass just by chance to Royal Hotel while trying to get to another Bus stop and in front of it was Jardim Vasco da Gama.

Jardim de Vasco Da Gama
Our next stop was the first theme park in Macau. From Vasco da Gama, we took a bus and get off just across The Lotus Square.
The Lotus Square

                                                             Fisherman's Wharf  Macau.

Colosseum, Fisherman's Wharf

Ponte de Amizade
A free shuttle ride from Macau Maritime Ferry Terminal brought us to our last destination... the Venetian Resort Macau.
Venetian Resort is a hotel and casino resort which is strategically situated in the Cotai Strip.
The resort features 3 indoor canals, where you can truly experience a Gondola ride just like in Venice, Italy.

We of course hired a Gondola to experience the romance in Venice ( you're in Venetian   so why don't you try one, ayt? ) our Gondolier (which happens to be a real Italian) serenaded us with 2 songs, one was like a lullaby (sang in her native language of course) which was performed right on the night side of the Venetian. The other one was entitled "Hey mambo", and the funniest part was, while she was singing she danced like crazy, we thought that we're about to be thrown over ☺☻☺

We headed back to Boutique di Gondola, to pay for our little picture souvenir which cost us MOP98.
We're definitely hungry now, so headed straight to the Venetian Fastfood. Porto Exterior was our choice, where we ordered a Portuguese Cuisine plus the most famous Pork Buns which for me wasn't really satisfying.

Macau is nothing but Casinos and bright lights, if you will just catch the drift to its rich culture, you'll find more about it. It was indeed true that Macau is a small City, yet tiny in size its diversed culture and amazing attractions are infinitely varied, you'll get tempted to divert a set itinerary, which somehow you can easily carry on.  Macau is truly a waking city!!! ☺☺☺


Anonymous said...

Nice Blog, it was really helpful for setting up itineraries for people who will be visiting Macau.

lyf's a peach said...

a very informative blog! can't wait for my trip to macau on march 2012 :-)

RV said...

hi lyf's a peach!!! my apologies for this very late post on your comment dated back still last July... it was still a work in progress here... i hope you had a great trip in Macau back in March! Thanks for the comment! Godbless!

Casey Black said...

nice blog.... very helpful. I'm so excited. We are going to visit Macau this September. :-D

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