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Friday, August 03, 2012

Tagaytay... Anytime!!!

     Tagaytay City is my short ride to my little Baguio, as it is tagged as the Second Summer Capital of the Philippines, a leisurely drive to its cold breeze need not require any planning at all. 

Tagaytay Detente, was an unfinished post from last year. I  forgot about it. This past few days with boredom as my constant companion while I patiently wait for our next travel adventure, I tried to add a few entries on my FOOT NOTES and even back read my own blog. That's when I stumbled upon Tagaytay Detente and realized that it was indeed completely undone.

     Here I am, trying to put some colors back into it... for the second time around...
    Why Tagaytay? Nothing Much... This is my family's favorite weekend getaway. We used to bound ourselves SOUTH particularly in this relaxing City.  We just chill out with its cold breeze, enjoying our little picnic inside our car... stopping anywhere possible.  

Me @ Taal Vista; 1987

One Destination

   PLUS, my friends and I had an adventure last October with my best bud "MIA", celebrating her special day ... I opt to post our  overnight rainy adventure... 

 OCTOBER 3, 2011

     It was raining cats and dogs en route to Tagaytay City, but the rain stopped once we reached C5. We passed thru SLEX via Sta. Rosa Exit. A quick stop at Paseo de Sta. Rosa for a pee break and grab some goodies at South Supermarket. Continued with the rest of the trip without the A/C on and it was really freezing cold....CHILLS!!!

South Supermarket, Sta. Rosa
          This was one of our joyrides... we just toggled along wherever the wheels brought us.  We tried to look for a place where we can spend the night. Nothing really fancy just 1 small room that would be good for us, a nice bunk to settle in for the night and a tidy comfort room was certainly a must. And we, actually found one.... 
         TIRONA Apartelle is the name. It's in Aguinaldo Hi-way near Tagaytay's Rotunda. Mia already tried this place. It's a No-Frills Inn but with a clean comfort room and a mini kitchen as well. It cost us P1200 for the whole room with a twin sized bed and a sofa bed meant for Rhanz (We're not supposed to use the kitchen though, it'll cost us P1600) Anyways we're not really looking for something extravagant here we just wanted some place to stay overnight after we welcomed Mia's special day at Knuckles in One Destination. 

Outside Tirona Apartelle


      After we checked in, we were just driving around and was trying to look for Cafe Rosso which was supposed to be situated just adjacent to Our Lady of Lourdes but seemed that it's no longer around along with Vanilla Suites. It is now replaced by Manos Greek Taverna - a Greek Inspired Bed & Breakfast. Well, we opt to try that next time... Anyway, bound with nowhere to go... I suggested checking out Memory Lane, I just happened to watch this at "Wer u At? MYX, Tagaytay Episode"  And I really find it interesting...

Memory Lane owned by Jolina Magdangal, a 50's inspired diner or restaurant 
with a Salon and a Souvenir Shop.

How to go here.....
From Memory Lane's FB Page

Souvenir Shopping @ Memory Lane

     We went back to our room at Tirona to savor Mia's packed dinner for us. Since it was her birthday... we had Spaghetti, Beef Kaldereta and Sisig and a few bottles of beer. We got tired watching their Non-Cabled TV and so we decided to end the night and start Mia's day at Knuckles Bar and Resto.

      It's a wrap at 2AM, it was one exhausting day after being in Knuckles for almost 5 hours just listening with their band's music. 
       The chills awakened me at 6:30AM or was it my body clock again? I appealed for a few more hours of sleep and it was graciously granted to me. 4 more hours of snooze and everyone got up @ 10AM, all starving. We indulge with our li'l gift to Mia, the birthday chocolate cake. It was one great treat... HEAVEN!!! Triple Chocolate... Chocolicious!!!
      We checked out at 11AM, and headed off to LTO before having our brunch... Mia needed to renew her driver's license. It took us an hour to complete everything in LTO but we have to come back an hour after for her renewed license and so we tried to look for good food and we settled at TAALENA. The reason why we choseTaaleña Restaurant was, we were dining all by ourselves...

The Birthday Gurl with Pareng Rhanz

Pancit Canton

Mia's Love... Crispy Pata
Taalena JumpShot

      We ended this adventure back in LTO to get Mia's License and headed back to the Metro thru Cavite's congested long Emilio Aguinaldo Highway...

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