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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Rattan Fruit

     I'm always a big fan of SOUR fruits not until I was diagnosed with Endometriosis 3 years ago. I pushed myself hard to try to forget this bad habit which is really for me.... a freakin' bad statement.  "Breakin' all the rules"... I still try to sneak in... a few times of indulging to this simple treats would do... especially if your monthly friendly visitor just happened to pass by... *wiNk-

      And so I had a treat yesterday...  The Rattan Fruit!!!

    Since I first tasted this back in Baguio City 11 years ago... I fell in love with its taste, despite hardships in opening the said fruit. I didn't give a damn! It was one of the things that I can call my "comfort food".
        The fruit is enclosed in a very hard-scaly like shell. You need to press it until the skin breaks open, and ALAS after a few skin cuts,  there's the fruit. Normally you'll see 3 stoned like fruit, brownish in color, the taste is soured to perfection...

Rattan Fruit

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