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Monday, June 10, 2013

My Ube Cake with Macapuno filling and Ube-Macapuno Cupcakes on the side!


      With 2 months preparation....... I finally made it! It was not that tedious after all. After the Caramel Cake I did last month I thought I am now ready to do this and so I did it this morning...... After my 2 week procrastination, in the middle of my work last Thursday..... I suddenly wanted to make the Ube cake at that very point...... but then again I was still in the middle of my shift and I knew I can't make it on a Friday as I still have my shift later that night! And so I set the date..... it'll be on Sunday! but I was so having one slouchy day! It was raining cats and dogs..... I decided to just not do it! but this morning I said.... I have to do it or else! And this is it! Thanks to my thorough research...... I finally come up with this...... I'm in bliss! I did not intend to write about it at this very moment as I just did my Inferno-Dan Brown moment earlier today but I was on this state that I was really so happy that I was able to create something that is not so much of my liking harhar! but I think it'll be one of my creations that I will dearly enjoy! 

     So for now..... be enticed! feast your eyes.... especially for those who love Purple Yam so much!

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