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Sunday, April 28, 2013

my vErsion oF cAramEL cAke

I'm a big fan of Estrel's Caramel Cake that I tried to make my own. It took me a month to finally give it a go. In all honesty, I was no good in making caramel...... maybe because ~bAta pa ako nun 😄 baka kaya ko na~ And so the day was yesterday, 3 in the AM that I suddenly woke up in the middle of my deep sleep, went straight to the kitchen and started to mess with it.... I started creating Chiffon Cake and I simply used the classic recipe, then I decided to give it a try, the CHALLENGE that's been brewing for years now. I browsed the net 5 days ago and was able to find a good recipe wih good reviews. I gave it a try and Surprisingly, I think I nailed it for a first timer. I was or let's say we were all satisfied with the results.... I baked it though to a 6x2½ when the chiffon recipe called for an 8x3.... since I have no other round pan available, the rest of the batter was placed on a loaf pan instead for taste test. It was meant to be shared with my family but ended up consumed only by us..... just the two of us! CARAMEL CAKE slayers!!!!!

Anyways, I've had my fair share of minor mishaps when making the Swiss Meringue Buttercream..... When stupidity strikes!!! I mistakenly placed the egg whites on the bowl that was already placed over a slow simmering water on medium heat.... what do you expect would happen then, it looked like poached egg whites.... argh! I tried separating 2 eggs again and unluckily the second egg, I accidentally break the yolk. I decided to just put the 2 (the whites and the yolk) together for breakfast. I again got 2 eggs nd this time opened a stale egg... well that went straight to the trash... I opened the other one perfectly fone and so the last piece, finally! I whisk the sugar and egg white mixture before placing the bowl on top of the slow simmering water..... I sighed when I realized that why on many hours why at 4 AM that I decided to make this for the first time ~tulog pa diwa ko~ At 7AM I was on my way for my sloppy decoration 😆

Well, there you go my own version of Caramel Cake! And honestly I'll surely make this as often as I want to!!! 👍🎂

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Anonymous said...

Hi, your caramel cake looks good. Can you share your recipes? Im abroad and wanna try this buzz about caramel cakes. Thanks

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