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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kuala Lumpur/Singapore Trip 2011 Day 1

NOVEMBER 7, 2011

     Merdeka Square
     St. Mary's Cathedral
     Sultan Abdul Samad Building
     Malaysia's Big Ben
     AnCasa Express Puduraya

Our five month long wait was finally over... The KL-SG trip finally transpired spotless!!!
And the only concern we had was the weather, we TANNED in 5 days... but we had so
much fun with our ALA Amazing race trip last week.

Our flight: Nov 7 @ 6am via Cebu Pac with an estimated time of 3 hours on-board bound for The Lion City and waited for 3 hours in SG airport for our connecting flight to KL via Tiger Airways with an estimated time of only 55 mins to touchdown at LCCT, 

          Touchdown  @  Changi Airport                                  On-board the Plane =)                                                                                                                    KL, here we come!!!

Inside Changi Budget Terminal

Exchange $SG to Malaysian RM
By the way we would normally exchange our Peso here in the Philippines before
 trips to avoid all the hassle... And we usually go with Czarina Money Changer,
however they don't exchange Philippine Peso to Malaysian Ringgit.

Ringgit, Malaysian Unit of Currency

Mickey Mouse!!! I was goin' Loccoooooo.....
Tiger Airways bound to KL

Hello KL!!!

  With packed knowledge about the city,  and with only limited budget to spare...we chose to ride the Star Shuttle bus which was way to cheaper, instead of riding the KLIA Ekspres. KLIA Ekspres, they say is  the fastest way to KL City proper. We're not really in a hurry, it's our first day anyway. 
   It took us about an hour to reach our hotel from the airport which is just typical if you are from the Quezon City area. ( so it doesn't make any difference at all ) But in reality Sepang Airport was really way too far from KL City, but with Kuala Lumpur's mega highways the travel time become shorter and more convenient.

                    See KLIA rates versus Star Shuttle's, you will see the difference.  Plus if  you take KLIA from LCCT, you still have to take Airpot Liner which as per forums will cost you around RM 2.50. Airport Liner will take you directly to KLIA ( Kuala Lumpur International Airport ). The travel time is 30  minutes though.     On the other hand with Star Shuttle, all we did was just exit from LCCT , went straight to their station paid RM 8 (Rate from the Airport, but from Puduraya it'll be RM 4 higher ) Sit and wait and we're in Puduraya after an hour and 30 mins..

Our hotel is just right above the newly renovated Puduraya Bus Station. We headed directly to the lift straight to the hotel lobby on forth floor to validate our booking and we were so lucky to get a room with the spectacular view of KL Tower with a peeping Petronas Twin Towers on the 8th floor.  
SPECTACULAR!!!   inside our Hotel Room

  We rested for a while and changed for a more comfy clothes for the humid weather of 32°C. Starving, we directed to Merdena  Food-court just right outside our hotel. We ordered a local delicacy, Nasi Goreng Ayam (Fried Rice Chicken) and Nasi Goreng Paprik (a very Spicy Fried Rice) Starved and exhausted, I was able to finish my Nasi Goreng Paprik in no time ツ and the coke that I ordered for the first time in my foreign meal wasn't enough to quench my unending thirst.

                       We begun our journey on foot from Puduraya going to Masjid Jamek Station
  Our first stop on our first day was Merdeka Square or the Independent Square. We did not intend to take the train ride anymore, since according to the net it's a short 15 minute walk from our hotel... Fortunately the clouds were friendly enough to cover the harmful rays of the sun, we were able to walk comfortably on our destination.
The Adversary: 

   What bothers me most during our walk was the presence of so many motorcyclists on the road. I know it was quite inevitable to see this mode of transportation in a foreign land but really it scared the hell out of me especially when before reaching the The Old Sessions & Magistrates Court we were faced with a group of motor drivers right on intersection of Jalan Raja and Jalan Tun Perak, we thought they were having some kind of a fight or whatever. Finally, we then realized it was just some kind of a drag race, of some sort... HARHAR! Well, we're just trying to be cautious since according to the net and most forums which I've been back reading before this trip, KL's most common crime is Snatch-thieves where two men on a motorcycle/in a car would speed up from behind a victim and the passenger on the back snatches the handbag or anything they can get. So, from the time being... I became the most terrified being on earth on a foreign land...~ just a thought, nothing much to worry ~
Merdeka Square

      And there goes the sight of the Highest Flagpole in Malaysia....   ~sigh of relief~

This 95-meter flagpole that flies the Malaysian flag, is one of the tallest in the world. It is located at the southern end of Merdeka Square.

        The sight of the Flag pole boasting its mighty height was really a sigh of relief. Knowing that this is one tourist spot, they say you're most likely safe. =) We managed to cross the street going to the Dataran Merdeka, apparently as per the blogs that I read, parallel to that would be St. Mary's Cathedral as well as The Royal Selangor Club. 

St. Mary's Cathedral -the first brick church in the Federated Malay States 
and the oldest Anglican churches in the region.

     As we were taking simultaneous shots, a KL HOHO bus passes by and made a shor stop just right beside St. Mary's Cathedral....

 KL HOP-ON HOP-OFF, a comfy double-decker bus that links major sights of Kuala Lumpur which one can get on and off. The tour covers 22-stops covering almost all of KL's major tourist attractions including  The Petronas Twin Towers, Menara KL Tower, Chinatown, the National Museum and even the most-famed Titiwangsa Lake Gardens where Star Cinema's flick in 2010"Miss you like Crazy" were mostly shot.  

Dataran Merdeka with peeping Sultan Abdul Samad Building

Pictures... more pictures ツ

Merdeka Square

Happiness ツ
Malaysia's Big Ben

   Since, I was no longer comfortable walking in the city, though I know there's a lot to see near the Square... We were forced to just sit near the flag pole area and wait till dusk to witness Sultan Abdul Tamad's Building magnificent changing of illuminating lights... the sight was really worth  the wait...

Finally... starting to get dark @ 7pm...
At night Sultan Abdul Samad Building transforms impressively into a flamboyant cake-like architectural piece with its highlight of changing illuminating colors

        We called it a day @ 8PM. We again started our long walk back to our hotel...

AnCasa Express
Our Hotel Room @ night  

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