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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Qubiertos, new grilling experience in the heart of Quezon City.

          After a hard days work, you deserve to savor good food to satisfy your bottomless pit...  A newly opened Grill & Restaurant at the heart of Quezon City is worth checking out. 

                Opened just last May 11 along Kalayaan Avenue, just right beside Ferino's Bibingka... and a few minutes away from Quezon City Hall... The Grill & Resto definitely serves Ihaw-Ihaw and Filipino known dishes with a special touch of Ilocano... And mind you, the ambiance is great ...

There where 2 Nipa Huts fronting the resto... this is good for those who wanted to have their own private place. There where about 4 terracotta sink provided for hand washing. Parking is not yet spacious, allowing only 5-6 cars...


Free Appetizer: Spicy Dilis

Garlic Rice


               Parking Space

 Cubiertos means Cover, Table setting and a piece of Silverware which are all  synonymous to eating.... thus QuBiertos  opened to serve good quality food and good setting!!! And I could say that their price is really affordable...

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