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Monday, November 21, 2011

After Universal Studios Sentosa Stride

After the excitement in USS, its time to stroll along and taste some SINGAPORE....

      Before leaving USS premises, we purposely asked for a stamp placed on our hands for a possible return inside the Theme Park.
                              A quick stop at the Lake of Dreams for some blurred photo.

     And headed off to the Resorts World Casino to get our Resorts World Sentosa ID, I begged for a Ballpen freebie when they are actually giving away a bag... alot useful than the pen of course. Already got one when I signed up here in Resorts World Manila.
     Anyway, as soon as our business was done... we did not really bother to gamble...... it's not our thing...ssshhh!
Resorts World Sentosa

      We managed to squeezed in our hasty visit to some parts of the island. Starting off with Siloso Beach... Rode the Sentosa Express this time. By the way, Sentosa Express is a monorail line linking Sentosa island to HarbourFront on mainland Singapore. Alighted at Beach Station, the last stop located between Siloso Beach and Palawan Beach in Sentosa. 

      We were greeted by Songs of the Sea at the foot of the stairs. A complimentary beach tram awaited us, and so we hopped in to save us time going to SILOSO Beach. Exhausted from walking the entire USS,  we decided not to hop off from the tram anymore, we just enjoyed the scenery and a snapshot of Siloso Beachfront with its name spelled....

     Another site to savor inside Sentosa Island is Imbiah Lookout where it housed the biggest Singapore's Icon... you think that Merlion's Park got the biggest, you'd better think twice when you see this.... GINORMOUS!!!

Sentosa Express

A quick Stop at Vivo City

      This time we bought a Singapore Tourist Pass, we'll be covering a lot this afternoon. 
  • 1 Day pass is SG$8 plus a refundable SG$10 Deposit is also needed to get the Tourist Pass

       Our first stop, CHINATOWN, its an ethnic community of distinctly Chinese Culture... and this is also the place for great bargains for PASALUBONG shopping.

  Walking pass thru.... we bumped in to The World's Largest Coin...

Singapore's oldest Hindu temple

Sri Mariamman Temple
The Oldest temple in Singapore which dates back in 1827, 
located at 244 South Bridge Road
One of The Major Tourist Destinations in SG


Street Signs
      Just a few blocks away from Sri Mariamman Temple on our way to Maxwell Food Center is another Chinatown Tourist attraction which housed a Museum and Buddhist Temple.
The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple
located in 288 South Bridge Road

      Yipee!!! Finally I'm here... The Maxwell Food Centre... Been seeing this at AFC shows and since then, I've been wanting to go here just for one reason and just for ONE Reason alone... TO TASTE ROJAK!!! 

Maxwell Food Center

Thought I could only see you in AFC's Yummy King and Coffee Talks and Halker Woks
         And I'm seeing Auntie and how they're all making all these gastronomic feasts!!! I'm so excited to eat now...
The Auntie's making our Popiah... Popiah is like Pinoy's Version of Lumpiang Sariwa

            The Infamous Popiah, Rojak and another super yummy... 
I forgot the name of that yummy goody in that brown bag ~toiNK~

Enjoying the Singaporean Salad, YumYum!!! Inescapably, delicious
      After feasting our empty bellies... It's now time to visit my favorite channel in the whole world... THE ASIAN FOOD CHANNEL.... I was really ecstatic. But really I was hoping to see some celebrity chefs around but perhaps I was not really lucky after all...
My Favorite Asian Channel

Traversing Orchard Road
                       Pasalubong Time once more!!! At Bugis Street.... But I think it's more cheaper to do do your shopping in Chinatown than here... There were a few goodies that you can get at a reasonable price.  And I got really tired here... And I regretted the fact that I was! We were walking around in circles trying to find the place where we saw this good quality shirt at the cheapest. ARGGGGGHHHH!!! Anyway, we called it a day after almost going around inside BUGIS for perhaps 6 times...
Bugis Street.... Pasalubong Time!!!

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