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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kuala Lumpur/Singapore Trip 2011 Day 2

NOVEMBER 08, 2011

     Batu Caves
     Menara KL
     Petronas Twin Towers
     Central Market
     Jalan Petaling (KL's ChinaTown)

We started our 2nd day with a hearty breakfast @ McDonald's Puduraya...  It'll surely be a hectic one today!!!

 McDonald's Puduraya

            After which we headed for a short walk to Pasar Seni... A quick stop @ Jalan Petaling & Central Market for photo ops...

From Pasar Seni →KL Sentral → KTM Komuter (Platform 3) → Batu Caves

We took our very first KL train ride to Batu Caves through Platform 3 @ KTM Komuter KL Sentral... It's a good 25 minute ride for RM2 and there it was the very famous tourist destination outside KL...


Inside KTM Komuter

Selangor's Best Spot
We were greeted by a reptile upon our entry... "Hey there!"

bAtU cAvES is very famous for its 272 steep steps leading to a cave of Indian Temples... it is also the venue for the annual Thaipusam Festival. 

Too bad  it was under construction when we were there

Macaque monkey

It only took about a couple of hours to explore everything in Batu Caves including all the great photo ops =)
Replenished with some H2O... we begun our steep flight down... 

We headed back to KL Sentral.  And the fare was one RM higher... we were charged RM2... how's that possible? dunno ~,,~

AFC @ KL Sentral
KL Sentral Interiors

Rasa Ayam, KL Sentral
                                            Famished we got another taste of their local food...
Our  Hearty Lunch

Through variety of selection, we chose Ayam Roasters (Rasa Ayam)... Though I did not really got myself Ayam, which is by the way Chicken in Bahasa Malaysia... I got a real treat here... I chose Fish Curry with Pandan Rice, and what can I say? SEDAP!!! I'm a big fan of Curry... so it was really a treat after the great exercise we had in Selangor.A quick stop to Forex to get some Ringgit.

My first budget cab ride going to Menara Tower. A charge of RM 14.    

                                                                           shots inside the cab    


I alighted the cab with full excitement and went directly to the fountain fronting the 4th Tallest Tower in ASIA... I see something really interesting from afar... Hmmm, I wondered what that was? 
Menara Tower is situated in Bukit Nanas... which translates to Pineapple Hill in English.

  Before heading off for what seemed to be interesting to me, I stopped in front of the fountain for a quick shot of the tower... It's indeed more taller than Macau Tower. It rises remarkably amongst the clouds as the tallest structure in South-East Asia, the tallest single standing concrete structure in the world and the fourth tallest communication tower in the world.
     The Menara Tower or what often called as KL Tower is infact communication tower situated atop Bukit Nanas. The Second Tallest freestanding Tower in the world stands 421m (1,403ft).  The rest of the tower has a stairway below and an elevator to reach the uppermost part, where the observation deck  and a revolving restaurant is based providing the best panoromaic view of the city.

A mini kitchen.... Crews...Lights.... Cameras?  Something being taped?  
Could that be Chef Wan? ~Nah, uh-uh...~ it wasn't. I don't even know who's cookin' ?  

      Anyway, we headed our way to the tower passing through traditional Malay houses. A hanging bridge I thought was real can be seen at the far end before the entrance, around 20 meters short . We bought tickets (RM45 for the package, F1 simulator included) then lined ourselves up to the long ques. Just as I thought before directing you to the elevator, a picture of you will be taken by the Tower's in-house photographer for photo souvenir. We posed anyhow.

     Then off we go the Observation Deck... 276m above sea level. It's just giving me the chills. I'm Acrophobic, whoah!!!

Audio/Video-guided tour device

A portable electronic Audio/Video-guided tour device with headset was provided upon entry to the Observation Deck. This device for me was quite useful because it explained what you're looking at and the history of each Kuala Lumpur's famous Landmarks.
There are free telescope for visitors to use, providing closer look to those things that are without a doubt impossible to be seen by our naked eye.

      The obstructed view of the Petronas Twin Towers  

F1 Simulator

Availed the Free Shuttle service going to the gates of the Menara KL. And from there, we hailed another budget taxi going to AQUARIA, KLCC. 

Haggled for RM14 going to Aquaria but the driver gestured "NO" and said "RM16 only"... OK-OK 

From where we were dropped off, Petronas Twin Towers was not visible.... yet.
    AQUARIA Kuala Lumpur
    Aquaria is an underwater park located beneath KLCC, it boast Asia's longest underwater tunnel.... a state-of-art oceanarium showcasing 5000 differrent exhibits of aquatic and land-bound creatures.

We paid RM45 each for admission.  Aquaria KLCC

And we're back from being a kiddo once again...

I so love this pic, however I did have some prob trying to get in here, I have to crawl beneath and was filthy eeeww!!! ( and only kids can fit, I tried though,... here I was and a snapshot, yipee!!! )

From Aquaria, a 5 minute walk through the underpass tunnel connected us to Suria KLCC... 

 And there goes the Iconic Petronas.... in all its MAJESTY!!!

After a lot of photo opps and a few confrontations with the guard on duty with all his restrictions all around. (kuya sa'yo na ang Petronas, ikaw na...) we headed back to Pasar Seni thru Kelana Jaya Rail Line...
Our last stop on our last night in KL, Central Market and Petaling Jaya (KL's Chinatown)
Buying char kway teow @ mini wok, Central market

Malaysian Food

Es teh

Pasalubong Time!!!

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