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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Terrible Manila Traffic Welcomed Us Back!!!

 NOVEMBER 11, 2011 (11-11-11)
     We were welcomed by Philippine's worst traffic...hayst!!! OF ALL naman! We're supposed to be touched down by 5:30PM, but we're just afloat in the air for seemed like forever. We arrived with the great sound of the thunder and a sudden slight downpour at 6:30PM maybe... I did not bother to look at the time. Immigrations were as usual not that queuing but the luggage's, it kept us waiting for such a LOOOOONNNNNNGGGGGG time.... ZZZzzzzz.
     As soon as we're reunited with our luggage, we went directly to "RIO" our car, which we abandoned  for 5 whole days just right outside TERMINAL 3. We were so exhausted and starving, we just wanted to be home at that instant. But as we paid our parking fee, we noticed slight traffic slowly building up. We tried it anyway. Well...2 hours after, we're still right outside The Resorts World Manila, without traffic we should be in QC area by this time. As we were about to give up and after we both utter a big SIGH, she remembered that we have the tab and an internet service (Good Heavens) and so we turned the data services back on ( Since it was turned off during the entire KL-SG Trip to avoid roaming charges ) we tried to check MMDA traffic update and hell, it was traffic all around the metro due to heavy rains. We decided to stop by Resorts World for the meantime and have a real meal. We have been eating curry puffs for 3 consecutive days ( NOT CONSIDERED as a REAL MEAL though ) and we were so famished after being in the air for 4 hours, stuck in the traffic for 2 hours. We badly needed carbs to recharge ourselves up...
     Thought we never really left KL or SG... We still wanted more Curry..

Beef Curry Pepper Rice
                              Some Partying @ Republiq, RW Manila

Opt to watch this
                      It's already past 12AM, we're still inside Resorts World... Checked MMDA traffic update... Still heavy traffic especially in EDSA... Whew!!! We're stuck here with nothing left to do... We then decided to just sit around and listen to good music at Bar 360....
          Pardon the pictures, as they were all taken from mobile camera ^_*

BAR 360

                       At 1AM,  traffic updates gave us the go signal to finally head home!!!
                                          NEEDED TO REST.... Badly!!!  ~Tata Babe!!!~
                                          It's been one good 5 days!!!

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