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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Candon/Vigan/Baguio Trip

Being Spontaneous... perhaps that's US!!!

A trip is more exciting when it is UNPLANNED!!! 


Totally Road Trippin' ... 10 hour drive to Candon, Ilocos Sur

It is such a thrilling feeling to be always heading North especially if you're heading to your most FAVE spot in the whole wide Philippine Archipelago.... not to mention having a side trip to a place I've never been too in my entire life!!! =)

      Welcome to .....

Vigan - The Capital of the Province Ilocos Sur. It is a World Heritage Site established in the16th century. The only surviving Spanish colonial town in the Philippines, which is well-known for its cobblestone streets and a unique architecture, a fusion of Philippine and Oriental building designs with a touch of European Architecture.

A visit to Vigan will not be complete without tasting its famous Vigan empanada.

Vigan empanada’s comprised of vegetable filling is made up of green papaya that is grated, and  meat filing consist of whole egg and skinless Vigan longganisa. It is best eaten with "Sukang Iloko". Another thing I enjoyed eating the most here is OKOY, another popular afternoon snack in the Philippines made up primarily of shrimp, tofu and bean sprouts which is deep fried to crispiness


gunu kumar said...

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RV said...

Thanks Mr. Gunu Kumar for that post!!! All the best!!

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