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Saturday, May 05, 2012

Asian Food Channel

Asian Food Channel, SG

                        AFC ( Asian Food Channel ) is an Asian lifestyle channel first launched in August 2005. The AFC studio is based in Orchard Central, Singapore. The studio has a retail store where you can bring home AFC's very own merchandise, a food and beverage which is very much cosy and a cooking school where celebrity chefs conduct their cooking demos.

A visit to my favorite channel in SG....
        My passion for cooking brought my love for AFC channel 58 (Skycable) back in 2007 when it was first launch in the Philippines.
          The first program that I watched was of Chef Wan's... perhaps one of his earliest show...     though it was one of the oldest and not to mention that it was still dubbed in Bahasa Malaysia (so I was reading the sub-title the whole time) I find him so hilarious, he has this way of catching our attention, he's really that interesting. Anyway the succeeding shows I got engrossed with all of it simply because it's all about cooking and since then AFC has become my Fave Channel...

Though we had a little time in SINGAPORE during our trip last year, we tried to squeeze in a quick visit to the AFC's Studio in Orchard Road... believe it or not I was hoping to bump with Chef Wan... unfortunate for me, there seemed to be no Celebrity Chef that day and no sight of my Fave Malaysian Chef... but the manager was really kind enough to show me Chef Wan's recent photo on his latest visit... ( and show me how short he was... yeah knew that naman eh =)

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