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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Creamy Carbonara... My style, Made Simple.

( made out of scratch... from our kitchen )

Cook Spaghetti as directed ( you may also use any pasta, such as Fettuccine or Linguini)

Béchamel Sauce:
My leftover Low Fat Milk +  RUE, to slightly thicken the sauce.
RUE is a mixture of equal parts of fat and flour. Which is simply Butter and just regular flour.   

In a medium saucepan, melt the butter with equal part of flour, mixed lightly until the mixture would become paste-like. Add the Low Fat Milk making sure to mix it continuously using a wooden spoon to avoid lump build up. SEPARATE.
On another medium pan, render the chopped bacon for about a minute on medium heat or until Bacon gives out its own fat/oil.  SET ASIDE. Use the oil to sweat the onions and mushroom. Pour in the Béchamel sauce/white Sauce and put the bacon back in. Mixed all together and bring to a boil. Add Parmesan cheese until melted. Season with salt and white pepper according to your taste. Mixed in the cooked pasta and garnish it with Dried Parmesan Cheese & chopped flat parsley & McCormick Basil Leaves Whole (Optional).

This is not as complicated as to those with eggs, but not as simpler as to those with the all purpose cream. But I can guarantee that this is more healthier to eat!!!

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