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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Surviving everyday travel to and from ✈

          Due to oil price hike, we wanted to be a bit rational for a while...We decided to take advantage of the MRT on our way to work this time. Luckily, our request for schedule change was granted a week before my birthday... We've been utilizing Rio (the name I baptized to our Baby Car after my close friend named her car as "MIO") for over 2 years since we we're on a 3AM shift. Consider commuting at the wee hours of the morning en route to work was really a dilemma for us. 2 years passed and we simply noticed that most of our salary and even our savings was going towards RIO... from Gas Consumption and car maintenance... it was truly an excess baggage, especially when frugality strikes for people like us... you'll just have to consider so many things.. 1 month after... we survived all the hustle and bustle of commuting thru jeepney, MRT and the Bus. And not to mention my most awaited...the blissful walking we did everyday, I guess it was really quite an exercise after  having been idle for over 2 years.  I loev walking a lot. In fact I embraced short walks even the long ones... it gave me the opportunity to warm up despite strict work hour schedule.
       Having RIO, using it traveling back and forth to your workplace need not require us a lot of walking. So there was like less work on our body system... And I have to say, it really was a great factor for weight gain So, I guess, we just badly needed some movement here.
         Thanks so much for that great change!!! I'm Loeving every moment of it!!! What a leap....

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