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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Total GURL POWER!!! ♥ performed at The LONDON 2012 Olympics Closing Ceremony

                        Olympics 2012 Closing Ceremony Spice Girls Performance in 3D

     It was the delayed coverage perhaps in ABC 5 that aired the Closing Ceremonies of the recently concluded 2012 London Olympics earlier today. I'm not really a big sports geek, I was just taking cabled and local channel by turns and my passion for total performance was caught when Jessie J performed "Price Tag along with 2 Black Men, then after a couple of tuning to other networks I finally settled with Channel 10 (Skycable's ABC 5) when suddenly the next performance was featuring a lot of cabs circling the stadium,and leaving 5 behind... I know it's something worth watching for!!! Then there goes the one cab in the center beaming "SPICE".... I started to shriek as if I was in there... I was totally unstoppable... I was really sorrreeee believe it or not that I was shouting at the top of lungs!!! Then Vee, came rushing inside the bedroom flashed me one good look and said "Tulog si mommy" I just uttered "Ahm" but then that did not stopped me from shouting silently... hehe!!! I was even singing again SILENTLY. Unknowingly, I was already dancing. I'm a great GURL POWER fan back in 90's. I just so LOEV THEM SO much!!!
       After Spice up your life, I was still wanting for more...

Some Gurl Power Rehearsals   From the Source

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