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Friday, April 19, 2013

My whereabouts?

     GoodMuahning!!! I'm so sorry if I haven't been able to log in here for a very looooooong time....... guess been OCCUPIED lately. I owe a lot of good things to share, been outta here for as long as I remember... All Saint's, Christmas, New Year's, Valentine's and Salute Graduates passed. A good six months came and definitely I've got tons and tons of stories to tell....
     So, I was out of the kitchen messin' it up again.... and what's cookin'? nah..... it was really BAKING that's been keepin' me hell of a busyBee. I was always on the verge of getting into writing but I was always taken aback.... or maybe I was just too lazy to carry it on blogging not until I realized that I needed to... just some sort of release. Anyways, it's been six months since I've placed my entry here PLUS I still have to finish OUR PALAWAN TRIP... Actually I had a journal about the said trip well written or hidden somewhere... I dunno where?
                      Sorreeee, If I was busy doing all of these everyday of my life since February, that I almost forgot that I also needed to write..... Anyway, I would really love to tell you more about this sweet treats later on..... For now, be enticed with all these....

                             In all honesty, when I was asked to bake so abruptly last February this year... I did not have any second thoughts of doing it.  After all it's been a while or it's been half of my life since I last bake. If I remember it right I baked.... my last one was back in 2000. I was 20 (Whoah... time flies really fast) I baked my family's fave Sunday Goodies (as what we call it) I made a BANANA CAKE. My oh my... and I can say I MISSED IT SO MUCH! Let's just say I dedicated most of my free time now baking for my friends and workmates... And I therefore say it was a sure fire hit on the floor (I'm not bragging, but it's like music to my ears when they say that...."they liked my goodies so much that some become really addicted to it"... funny how each individuals have their own favorite...)
                          So much of that kitchen stuff.... Lemme just say a few things of my whereabouts this past 6 months.... Last entry was of course PALAWAN (Consider it as my unfinished business.... but I'll try to find some time real soon) November? not much been busy with Ikie... our beloved Yorkie, our furbaby, the apple of our eye and that most of our SALARY was alloted for him.... anyway, we've been trying to train him as much as SHE could... and he's learning. And by the way.... he's turning a year older this MAY.... so I guess, a few of our income will be going towards his PAWTY....
   So here he is, all grown up... IKIE's photoshoot with the great Walter Bollozos back in December 2012 in time for the Holidays. After which he had an accidental fall... (Another 5K out of our pocket for VET... good heavens, there was no FRACTURE, but I did made a good SHRIEK when I heard him uttered a loud cry) I SO LOVE YOU BABY LOEV!!! please don't fall again... EVER! please!!!

                                                                                                   Oh, I almost forgot.... Ikie's gone triCK or treating too at the Skydome last October 29th (I guess) and we let him join the PETRIFYING TRAIL where he was the LIL URSULA... my sister made this costume for our baby boy (And mind you, I really dunno why sissy chose this color... perhaps, she forgot that our furbaby is indeed a boy or maybe this was the only available fabric she got.... MAYBE... whatever HE WAS REALLY CUTE IN THAT COSTUME)  And he was surely regarded as a GURL here! Hey Look how tired he was.... he was also asked for snapshots by petlovers too CLICK here and there...then the PARADE came... he'd sat and slouched like this.... Maybe it was just too heavy for his teeny weeny body... sorry baby, we'll not do this to you again... PROMISE!
      And so the HOLIDAYS came... nothing much, Oh I guess I attended my first Christmas Party at our office after 7 Holidays.... finally... it was held in SMX... well it was one hell of a party...
      So my much awaited month... OUR HK-MO trip... I'll tell you more about it sometime soon... whoahhh think I have to snooze a bit... I'm starting to get a doze of sleepyNESS here... till then 
                                                                                         TATA BABE!!!    

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