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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Zangi..... Hokkaido's Soul Food

We were watching my fave AFC (Asian Food Channel) this morning and they were featuring a very savory chicken dish.... As I watched the hosts on their quest to find the origins of the word "Zangi", I was enticed to make it. I did not mind though reading the subtitle as i focused more on the cooking than on the narrative component of the show... it caught my attention especially when I found out that it only have the simplest ingredients that I can even make one right away.... Simply marinate the chopped chicken with garlic and soy with cornstarch and deep fry it! Drizzle with Sesame Oil and that's it!

It was indeed tasty... crunchy outside and very juicy inside... I did not catch the sauce used on it and so we decided to just dip it with garlic infused in vinegar. And really it matched the Zangi well...

My first Asian inspired fried chicken! Thanks Discover the great north@ AFC.

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