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Monday, May 06, 2013

Happy Pawtee!

     It was our first time to celebrate our dog's special day in full blast that we extended an effort pulling off a birthday pawtee like this.... it was a success, indeed! 5 little fur babies for his guest was really phenomenal than no other dogs around for his first birthday! In addition to the loot bags and spaghetti as what other normal people does on their kid's first birthday...... I made 2 special treats, one for human and one for our cute fur babies....

     It was one exhausting day indeed! I started hitting the kitchen at 6 in the AM and unfortunately wasn't able to meet my 12pm deadline. Pawtee supposed to start at 2pm but I forced to move it at 3. Nevertheless, I have to finish everything before 2PM. I felt nausea in between the works! I thought I won't be able to decorate the cake....... but I tried my best to compose myself... to be able to finish my 4 course Simple meal. Good thing, I had my sister and partner to lend their hand on some of the kitchen works. It was just that I was really OCCUPIED with what to do really with the cake. Initially, I intended to cut it as a bone since I wasn't able to get a bone-shaped cake pan. With time constraints, I did not cut it anyway, with the fear that I might end up having a pawtee without a cake! With Plan B handy, I just decided to pipe out some icing  creating a bone shape and scribbled IKIE's name on the center of it! And tadah! there I was.... with hoorays and with all smiles with my work! Not that polished though..... but I know for a fact that taste wise.... it was awesome (that was of course according to some of my friends and my number one and ultimate followers.... my partner and my sister***)
     After the cake, I was faced with the battle of finishing the spaghetti sauce and making my home made garlic bread. After which I made sure that the chicken was cooked as I planned... Crispy outside and juicy in the inside! We had some trouble with the cheese stick though.... the cheese my li'l sis purchased was a quick melt so it always melt its way out of the lumpia wrapper... but we managed to fix it anyway! Wjoahhhhhh! At almost 2:30PM thank GOD, we're ALMOST done!  
     We packed everything that we needed, and headed our way to the party venue... Anyway, it was supposed to be done in AROMAPET in Tomas Morato where we usually take Ikie for his grooming but I decided not to anymore... I guess "WHEN FRUGALITY strikes again!" And so I asked my friend if we can celebrate the pawtee at their humble abode and they we're so kind enough to extend their place for the said celebration... by the way, it was the humble and very cozy home of the great Walter Bollozos (Philippine Star's in-house photographer). And with that in fact...... everybody expected a good old photoshoot after the pawtee itself.....

Again, BabyLove....... haPpy biRthday!

***I remembered how I bully my youngest sister of being so damn HEALTHY ( I mean so fat!) she answered back "If it wasn't of your constant delicious baking ATE back when I was still your li'l baby.... I wouldn't have gone this big :(    I'm sowee sissy! No one will taste but you guys!

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