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Monday, August 15, 2011


..... A visit to my beloved Mickey!!!

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Finally after 5 months of collecting thoughts during work hours, I'm back for more......

First stop...HONGKONG, renowned for its expansive skyline and deep natural harbour

 After 8 months from our passport's issue date, we bounded ourselves to Hong Kong, ... my first travel abroad,was really worth unplanned...went on spontaneously without thinking, it was one lazy afternoon in the living room chatting, the talk went so idly to excitingly... in just a blink of an eye we were booked and the following week we'd fly. =) The limited time for the preparations was such a pain in the ass, considering their mild winter season which we're not really aware of... there were no appropriate clothes to wear. And since this will be my first trip abroad, they say that luggage are definitely a "must bring" for all  first time travelers. We'll that doesn't really worked for us, what i carried with me was a big NIKE gym bag which can actually hold at least 15 kilos, my bag is really that spacious...I can even fit in =) we'll it has been our travel buddy since then...

So after a week long wait........................zzzzzzzzzzzz, it is finally over... Our flight was scheduled at 5:45 am of February 04, 2009....... we needed to rush right away to Terminal 3 since we still went on with our usual work shift that previous night. So, Mr. taxi man can you please hurry for us to make it on our flight.... =0

This trip had so many firsts.... first time to pay travel tax and terminal fee and first time to went over a very scrutinizing look of an immigration officer... well, i don't blame her the picture in my passport looks like a different individual except from the mole that is very apparent on the left side of my face. Have to admit i'm more OK in person than in my damn passport picture... (there's actually a reason behind why I look like Ahiru no pekkle on that picture, HMP!)

So we're done with all the important airport stuff, we just waited for a few minutes for the announcement, then we boarded and took off. The flight was on time and we arrived exactly on time.
Sunrise aboard the plane

HK International Airport is quite a huge one, you'll definitely get lost inside, thanks for the signages everywhere! It's actually connected to one of the MTR system. So we headed straight for the immigration where the same thing happened... the IO looked at me as if I'm not me. She looked strict though but in my case there was a sly smile once she stamped 14 days in my passport... Our travel agent is not really hard to find since there's a place assigned for all of them. He directed us to the shuttle bus that would take us to our hotel...

@ the coach going to Hotel.

Royal View's Pool Side

We arrived at the Royal View Hotel at 9:00am. Our group then decided to go the pool side to relax and helped ourselves with the 2 sofa  beds nearby... some took turns to nap and relax before we check in at 12PM... We occupied 2 rooms near the penthouse where we had a great view of the South China Sea as well as the Tsing Ma Bridge (Second Largest Suspension Bridge in the World)                                                                              
Tsing Ma Bridge, Second Largest Suspension Bridge in the World
South China Sea, View from our Hotel Room


     After lunch we took advantage the free shuttle ride, a compliment of our hotel and went straight to the nearest MTR station. Since the included tour package set by the travel agency would still be the following day we made our own city tour... first stop is Mongkok, we're we purchased a few PASALUBONG in ladies market... There were a lot of good stuffs that my eyes caught and was really worth buying but I was saving our money for Disneyland for the next day. We were on a very tight budget trip here, so I'd better save it for a good memorabilia from HK Disneyland.

Next stop, Central Station... para sa "wala lang"  we just took pictures of their City Hall. Actually, we're supposed to go to Victoria's Peak but due to time constraints we just decided to head back to Admiralty Station to watch Symphony of Lights @ The Avenue of Stars. At 5 pm, my friend who's not a newbie to HongKong said that it's really impossible to enjoy The Peak, with Madamme Traussauds' on the side, it was really time consuming. So better luck next time for these 2 must sees in HK. 

     At exactly 8PM, the defeaning sound of the "pyro" started the Symphony of Lights. Everyone in the Avenue of Stars stopped what they're doing and watch the astounding Symphony conducted by the great master. A sight worth seeing. After the show, we went back to the Ladies Market for more window shopping, some bought and I don't =(  

                                                  Symphony of Lights
On our way back to the Hotel, we stopped by a bakeshop to purchase a cake for our birthday boy....
Before retiring that night, party party! and picture picture inside the hotel room...

We woke up late, 7am the following morning, and our agent was supposed to pick us up at exactly 8am in the hotel lobby. So we had to rush with the shower and our breakfast... hush!!!!!! or RUSH! =)

We were really late, 15 mins late...

Our first stop for the day is the Jewelry factory, nothing much especially if one couldn't buy any =) honestly, I'm a jewelry loever, started wearing them when i was still a little princess... and my goal upon going to HK was to purchase at least one gold ring, but nonetheless that's fine, was able to see how this fineries was made... so enough of my own sympathy.

Then finally, HK DISNEYLAND....

The much awaited meeting with my old time fave has transpired finally... I've longed to see him and it was really different when it's done on his hometown.


So at 12 pm, I was like already bracing myself en route to Disneyland Resorts....... Whoahhhhhhhhh!!! Never been happiest!

As we enter, the parade welcomed us with all their might... so it was like some kind of a dilemma this time to get the best shot ever. Shot here there and everywhere! Cool!

After the parade, since it's already lunch time when we arrived we headed straight to the FOOD COURT. Satisfying our palate, it's now time to go back as a child! yipee!

Rides, Rides and so many Rides!!!


Pinoys performing for High School Musical

I'm so addicted to you, Mickey Mousieeeeeeeeee!!!

              ♥MICKEY MOUSE

We'll be riding the Train soon =)
Our little boy

We ended the night with Disney's Firewoorks @ exactly 8pm.... A must-see to all Disneyland goers....

Fireworks starts exactly @ 8 PM

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