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Monday, August 15, 2011


Fridays Boracay
 My first visit to the island paradise of Boracay was undeniably memorable. our trip was scheduled on the earliest monsoon season, but really i wasn't expecting that we had such an experience that would really make a  mark ........ our flight was last May 14 6:30am, first flight of the day to Kalibo, there was no rain whatsoever in Metro Manila... the weather was clear for a good take of... so the plane began taxiing at exactly 6:30am... everything went smoothly not until we reached Aklan island. From a distance, only about 10 minutes before our expected time of arrival i was able to see the dark clouds nearby ready to engulf our aircraft... it wasn't really easy for me to sink this scenario in my head, i know for a fact that we will be experiencing turbulence anytime soon... not long enough there we were in a situation that i could hardly explain... i felt a bit nausea with all the unexpected drop down of the altitude, really it was a great dose of pain in the head... i was so freakin' worried that we were about to crash and i will leave my family behind and my mom who's a dialysis patient will be in turmoil....arghhhh, those were the things that's going on in the midsection of my brain, half felt numb! i was really a complete mess... my partner said that i was really white as a paper! i was painstakingly sick as hell!

      Anyways, just a heads up, our ETA in Aklan was supposed to be 7:30 am right?then it was moved to 7:40 and every ten minutes t'was changed...now, with all the pilot's mighty tries to surpass the great danger of the weather, he managed to land us all safe at 8:30.... whew! that was really a BIG WHEW!!! once landed a big round of applause was given, with some great hurrays at the back!!!

Luckily, I survived that deranged weather!!! harhar!

MAY 14-16, 2011
After lunch, a quick siesta comforted my shiver and by 4:30pm when the rays of the sun were not harmful, we headed for the beach... It was indeed that Boracay's shore are one of the finest in the world as they say (since i haven't been to any other, hihihi )There's no doubt that a lot of tourist opt themselves to go here because of its true and natural beauty.

Fridays Rooms...
There's nothing much to do here aside from all the water activities you can find all over the island, plus the bars that ravages the quaint night with all these party goers by the way its not really my cup of tea, party pooooopper eh =) and there's spas almost everywhere... i wasn't able to try it though... well i tried henna tattoo with this great impromptu artist... we just ask him to draw this and he was able to do it without tracing.Unfortunately for me, nothing really interest me that much, and I'm not a  beach bummer so we just busied ourselves maximizing our camera... every angle of Fridays and some of its nearby resort was taken on its great shot the best way possible.


        Discovery Shores Dine-in Experience.....

       definitely WORLD CLASS!


There's one stall that really caught our keen eyes and though... the existence of LOCO FRIO in the island........we just love the idea that they are selling these cute water dispenser with basically a mix of juices with a slight touch of alcohol in it...among its varieties are margarita, pina colada and so on......

And then there's pasalubong time. we managed to buy shirts, ref magnets cutie bags and turones on our way home...
The 3 days we spent at Fridays was really worth our vacation, a complete rest with its full amenities...

Lunch on our second day @ Paraiso

DInner at Discovery Suites

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