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Thursday, September 22, 2011

American Idol Live in Manila 2011

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ September 20, 2011 Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

My long wait is finally over!!!
Tired and restless, I still managed myself to get up and bring myself to Smart Araneta to watch my much awaited concert of the year... AI's last leg of their tour here in Manila... It was such an event that I failed to bring my own digital camera to capture every single moment (of all the luckiest days, arghhhhhhhhhh....why this particular day! when I needed my camera the most. My once in a lifetime experience) good thing i had my Cellphone with me, but unfortunately the shots were not as good as it seems, though seated on Patron, my cam phone did not have zoom feature on it to get the best shot of the Idols. Anyways, Shobe had her digicam with her and so we felt like somehow lucky but still this day, I think wasn't really for us... pictures from Shobe's cam got corrupted, saved a few pix... and FORTUNATELY for us a few are way blurry
Though we already watch the second and last of their Idol tour the crowd was undeniably still ginormous, no wonder they extended their supposed 1 day concert for another day. The show started with a kick of surprise, when everybody was at their busiest... when some are still having their late dinner and some are talking their hearts out, some are cam-whoring almost on every side of the big dome...then suddenly the lights dimmed, the band started,Pia,Thia, Hailey, Naima and Lauren went out to charm the crown with their own rendition to Lady Gaga's "Born this way". It started with a blast, showcasing the best of all the best that I can see and hear... While the girls were having the time of their lives on their very first performance to kick of the show... I busied myself scrutinizing each great detail of what's transpiring, the stage was impressively designed making each and every audience feel like that we are indeed a part of American Idol.

Born this Way

My Own Highlights of the Show...

Pia Toscano remained on the stage after the girls top rated performance. She rendered 2 top-notching solo performances... Alicia Keys "Empire State", then one of which was a duet with Stefano Langone where they did "California King Bed" beautifully. Her last song was a single off her very first album "This Time". Pia is indeed a great singer on her own right, her vocal prowess is captivating, perfect-pitch on all her performances... damn powerful, my bet on the competition.

Empire State of Mind

Pia Toscano & Stefano Langone 
The crowd gone crazy when Stefano begun playing the intro of Bruno Mars' "Grenade" and even got wilder when he did Usher's DJ Got us Falling in Love where on this very performance, he stripped off his shirt revealing his ooh so great body. All the girls shouted with all their might that even the pa-Men wasn't able to hide their great enthusiasm.

Though she wasn't my favorite during the competition, I must admit.... Naima Adedapo's infamous "African Dance" caught my love for some kind of "Out of this World dance". I was in surprise, when J.Lo suddenly appeared on the big screen making way for Naima's version of "On the Floor".... She brought the crowd back to its feet. Everybody at the BIG DOME, dance like crazy with her... even us did. *giggles*

Pinay pride, Thia Meguia performed Selena Gomez's "Who Says".


Forget You

Paul Mcdonald & James Durbin

American Idol Guys perform "Animal" by Neon Trees.

Sweet Child of Mine

Making his way to the loudness of the crowd after Steve's Tyler rock and roll intro to him...... Singing Gun's and Roses" Sweet Child of Mine, rock singer James Durbin.

we loved the show so much!!!


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