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Saturday, November 05, 2011

define E-X-C-I-T-E-M-EN-T

It's been almost 2 weeks now since I last experienced a good full 8 hour sleep...My only wish is to have a good rest completing an 8 hour continuous sleep even for a day well, if God forbids it would be great if I can have this for 2 days before our trip on Monday... I badly needed to recharge before the big day arrives... I know for a fact this trip would be a lot physical comparatively like Macau trip, maybe a lot worst =0  we would really be worned out this time because of the weather for sure...
We'll be in SG&KL next week and the weather is really close to our weather which is really humid... And as far as I am concerned I'm not really a daytime enthusiast, in fact I really don't go out a lot during the daytime. SO really goodluck for me!!!  So there goes packing 3 sunblock already, my sunglasses and my foldable umbrella which i just got yesterday... It cost me another P250 on this, supposedly it was P500 originally for a Buy one take one stake, but what would we do with the 2 umbrella, good thing there's this girl who was also browsing the rack while we were haggling to the sales lady that we really just wanted to get one... Taqs, came up with an idea to ask the girl to share the deal, well lucky for us the girl immediately agreed... so I already got one ONLY!!!
SO while writing this MMMMM bop is playing on the airwaves........ HS days errr!!!! Avon days, we'll I kind of choreograph this way back for a presentation in Miriam College for Avon's Annual Anniversary. Anyways, I really can't concentrate I"m supposed to be blogging but I am like trying to dance here....errrr!!!! I wish I still have those moves... I'm already on my early 30's now... =) 
Ok, MMMMM bop is over!
I'm so much preoccupied lately thinking of what might be's on our upcoming trip... been doing a lot of back reading on the forum and it seems its not sinking in.... I've already readied all the possible things we need to bring and i also did my wardrobe check... I guess I'm too EXCITED!!!

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