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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Kuala Lumpur/Singapore Trip 2011 Day 3 - Arriving @ The Lion City


Touchdown to Changi International Airport this time via Air Asia. Though its a lowcost Malaysian Airline, their port is not based on Changi Budget Terminal. Awesomeness!!!

Singapura here we come!!!

Immigrations where are you?

Good thing they  have walkalator...to make walking easier!

   It took us a while to be reunited with our luggage. We need to traverse a long long way before reaching IMMIGRATIONS.We heard so many negative things about IO's in SG but they seemed nice when we were there. I even asked for FOX's Candies, she nodded and smiled sweetfully.

After being reunited with our luggage, we went to Singapore Visitor Centre to grab some MAPS which we can utilize on this trip.
   *It's always a MUST to have a MAP with you for this will really be handy on every trip. You don't wannabe lost on a foreign country.  
From Terminal 1, since Changi is extremely huge... we were required to ride Skytrain to go to Terminal 2 for another train ride thru MRT. 

 Skytrain to Terminal 2...

A stop to Tanah Merah interchange to switch trains going to Aljunied...

   From Aljunied, a very short/long 10 minute walk from the station going to Amrise Hotel... it was indeed a long walk and a tiring one... A total penitence for I don't know what... I lament over the fact that I did not choose to hail a cab this time... It's not about being budget conscious but this is about "Convenience"... we've got luggages here ㋛ hello!!!

   I did not bother to do photo shoot wherever after the long walks... I was so damn tired.... we just changed for more casual clothes upon getting to Amrise, our hotel here in SG. This time we walked half what we walked earlier from  Aljunied. We chose Kallang Station instead, about just 5 mins away from our hotel...

   And by the way, before any trips... it's a must to be knowledgeable to whatever mode of transportation you're going to take... And this time MTR is the primary mode of transpo in Singapore...

   While getting train tickets in Kallang... we're still undecided on our first stop... two heads were battling if we have to go to Chinatown first or Clarke Quay... We just got our tickets and went on anyway... we decided to stop by Raffles Place but exited differently, our feet brought us to the Marina Bay Sands side instead...

Our own Do-It-Yourself Walking Tours in Singapore's City Centre

First stop, Boat Quay 

From Kallang Station, take the EW Line, alight at Raffles Place Station and take EXIT A...

Situated upstream from the mouth of the Singapore River on its Southern Bank

A short walk, passing by THE FULLERTON... and without fail, you will notice the gigantic Ship-like Tower...

Marina Bay Sands or MBS is one of the newest landmarks of Singapore. It resembles a ship perched atop 3 towers...
Art Science Museum beside the Marina Bay Sands

  To your left, just a stone throws away adjacent from One Fullerton is the famous Singapore's Landmark...standing 8.6M high, a mythical creature with the head of a lion and the body of a fish, the large figure with water pouring out of its mouth is symbolic of Temasek thus the lion head represents Singapore's original name — Singapura, meaning "LION CITY", The magestic fearsome head.

                                                       THE MERLION PARK

 On the opposite side of the river is another Singapore's Icon, the ESPLANADE.  Considering its spiky dome structure, it certainly resembles the shape of the tropical fruit, Durian. Esplanade is situated just north of the mouth of the Singapore River.

Singapore's Famous Landmarks

The Merlion & Esplanade behind...
  We crossed the ESPLANADE Bridge to get a closer look of the Durian-Shaped Buildings....

   Walking pass thru a narrow stairway going down lead us to the outdoor Esplanade Theatres on the Bay and Gluttons Bay - Makansutra.  I regret the fact that we did not even dropped by these famous local hawker stalls... eating here is a sure treat with the magnificent views of the Marina Bay. Anyway, we would really have to hurry now... we have a flight to catch. 
   Another short walk passing thru The Helix Bridge (I just said  "HELLO & GOODBYE") and 2 shots to spare... then we were on our next destination... the highlight of our trip for this day...

The stolen shot, nothing much of the HELIX Bridge though but more of the majestic side view of the MBS

The Singapore Flyer is a giant Ferris wheel located in the southeast tip of the Marina Center. Described by its operators as an observation wheel, baout 42 stories high with a total height of 165 M making it the tallest Ferris Wheel in the World.

Towering at 165 M, you can never be lost. It mighty height was really domineering...

   We went directly to the ticketing to validate our online booking. While they were checking because it really took a while... I had a quick ride to a TRISHAW... cycle rickshaw is a small-scale local means of transport, "Trisikad" in Pinoy Lingo... 

 TRISHAWS allow you to enter an the old era when everyday living wasn't a such a rush. It was just there for picture purposes though... So I immediately lined up after the Indians turn... 
     Before heading off to the 2nd floor I gotta take a shot of this Luxury Car, it featured The Lamborghin, I'm no car enthusiast but really it's such a beauty.... 

And we're all set.... 
    Prior to our ride, we were treated with the brand new interactive pre-flight gallery dubbed as the "Journey of Dreams" where we get to see the Oneiroi's Orb. ...  it also provides information about Singapore's past and how the Flyer was conceptualized. . And really it seemed like we're kids having an Educational Tour inside.

Inside The Journey Of Dreams 

Singapore Flyer's Mechanism
Oneiroi's Orb

   As we pass thru a tunnel like leading its way to the Flight Lounge, a souvenir picture was again taken.

Honestly,  I was too scared to push this through... I was hellovAscared!!!

  The Giant Ferris Wheel offers a 360° panoramic views of the whole Singapore island and parts off Malaysia and Indonesia. Our scenic flight lasted for about 30 minutes and though they say that it provides a glimpse of the city state's past, present and future, I did not grasp that experience that much, maybe because of my fright. I tried to enjoy it as much I could, savoring every sight I see atop was truly breathtaking... inside of me, I was shouting "I'm on the top of the world!!!" It was indeed a sight to remember especially if you are at the very top. It felt as if you no longer want to just nip things in the bud.

whatta beautiful sunset...


It's gonna be over soon ㋛

My shot of ESPLANADE atop

The Flyer at Night

   30 Mins went by hastily... after the Singapore Flyer Experience, it's time to see the outcome of our picture...We shouldn't have gone to the Souvenir Shop... we were so delighted, we got the PIC even it cost us SG$20 which is equivalent to PhP690... EXPENSIVE!!!

   We're supposed to end the night here, but we decided to still tire ourselves and made our way to FUNANDigital Center down in High Street on foot, and when I say on foot... we literally walked from Singapore Flyer to High Street. We traversed the Raffles Blvd passing Pan Pacific Singapore, Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Center... we crossed Nicoll HWY to Bras Basah Rd, turned left upon reaching North Bridge Rd. We crossed about 2 blocks before reaching FUNAN... you can never go wrong because of the signage and its fronting Singapore Academy Law. 
   FunanDigital Center is a place to go for computer products. Hoping to find best deals for External Memory. But I think luck wasn't on our side. We called it a day with nothing at all from Funan... They were closing when we hit the center...too bad! tsk!tsk!
    Famished, we settled ourselves with some Singapore's Street Food from Old Chang Kee.

Buying some Curry Puffs
   Dead tired, I just wanted to settle my self with a bus ride till we reach SIMS Ave. but then again I guess we happened to pass a black cat without spitting as for the old superstitions. Anyway, to make the long story short... we again hopped in to the wrong bus, instead going towards SIMS Ave, we technically went the other way. We were forced to alight the bus at wherever we don't know...without us knowing where we were... OMYGosh!!!

Despite extreme exhaustion, I still manage to take this shot...

    Badly Needed a REST!!!

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