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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Kuala Lumpur/Singapore Trip 2011 Day 4

with Maxwell Foodcourt, Chinatown and AFC Orchard Road on the side...

    Exhausted from last night's walking thrills, I almost overslept. I remember setting up the alarm at 6AM in my preparations for the day... and I ended up waking up feeling so worn out at almost 9AM.. Frantic, I headed to the bath right away which was just one step away from the bed (AMRISE is just really meant for backpackers... sleep & go... No frills, whatsover) And by the way, that was one of the moments, that suddenly you wake up feeling you don't exactly where you are. What a jump!!!
    Anyway, an hour after we were hitting the road...
 SIMS Avenue
 At Kallang Station, a familiar stall seemed to be calling us for a quick breakfast... Starving, we got ourselves Curry 'O (curry puffs) once again (last night's life saver has become again our  saver on this very early frantic morning)... We also tried Fried Beehoon ( a rice vermicelli dish, similar to our Pancit BIHON ), Spring 'O and Sotong Balls ( Squid Balls) and a Large Coke from nearby 711. Burp!!!

Old Chang Kee Kallang Station
                       Packed, we are now ready for the adventure. USS here we come!!!

To get there:
   Take the North-East Line, changed trains at Outram Interchange, From Outram, it'll be just a station away. Alight at HarbourFront MRT Station. From there we, we walked within Vivo City's still unruffled mall towards the Waterfront Promenade to Sentosa Boardwalk.
   Budget trippers like us will most likely take the Sentosa Boardwalk. Only a minimal fee of SG$1 will be collected upon entrance to Resorts World Sentosa.


    Walking made easy and comfy from the two-way canopy covered travellator, it was indeed a leisurely stroll enjoying the garden-themed walkway. It almost took us about 45 mins to get to the island when it's only supposed to take around 15 mins. Pictures, here and there... going back and forth... goofing around the travellator...loosin' ourselves out a bit... We need to stop now, otherwise... cam's battery will ran out.

    Another option to get to the island is to either take the Singapore Cable Ride based at HarbourFront Tower 2 or take The Sentosa Express, located at VivoCity Lobby L, Level 3.

 It also provided us with a good vantage point of this...

We were greeted by the Ginornous RESORTS WORLD SENTOSA.

A glimpse of the Sentosa Express
  We directed ourselves immediately to Universal Studios to validate our online booking and to redeem the SG$10 Retail Voucher since we used a Mastercard to purchase the Day Pass. An ongoing promo it was! First 200 who will use MASTERCARD to purchase USS tickets will get SG$10 Retail Voucher. We were the 77th...
   The sound of Universal Studios Fanfare Intro Theme and The Famous Universal Studios Icon,,, The Rotating Globe, the fog will never be missed, definitely... A sight from afar made me wanna dash, It's like an energy drink tlhat titillated me from the highest exponential power.  A child at heart, upon entering the theme park I was really ecstatic. It felt as if I was almost in every corner trying to run around waving my hands up.

 Universal Studios Sentosa or USS is the newest theme park with myriad of rides and attractions that brings joys of the silver screen come to life.  A theme park located within Resorts World Sentosa on Sentosa Island in Singapore. It is the second Universal Studios theme park to open in Asia (Japan being the first) and the first in Southeast Asia.
One Park, Seven Themes
    New York
    Sci-Fi City
    Ancient Egypt
    The Lost World
    Far Far Away



      Frenzied, it appears to be we were lost at the beginning... we just don't know where to carry on.  Finally, we settled to jump-off with MADAGASGAR...the crate adventure. And mind you really... I got helluvascared. Outside, it appears to be one big crate. So, I was expecting that this looks like HK Disneyland's Space Mountain Ride where there were sudden drops again... I can't handle that, definitely!!!
Anyway, it was just a simple river boat ride with the four heroes... Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria... Unforgettable!

                   Shots from the Crate Adventure

A few photo ops with the 4 heroes before moving on...

Far Far Away

The Castle

      Just a few walks away from the Madagascar Crate Adventure. We were treated with yet again another enchantment... Prior to the 4D movie experience, there's a prologue about the movie...The Shrek 4-D was such an experience.  I've been to Enchanted Kingdom's Rialto several times which is also 4D but really it was totally different. The way water was mist unto your face was so amazing and unexpected, it just came out of nowhere... i loeved it and waited for another round instead spiders started crawling up my legs...honestly since then during the entire 4-D movie adventure, my legs were just hanging in mid air... and there's one thing that I need to confess here... I did not give the heck trying the movable chair because I was simply suffering lower back pains...

                                 4D AdVEnTuRE                                                           CoOL Glasses 0_0

㋡ Got one shot inside... ㋡

   Since this 1995's post-apocalyptic science fiction HIT film is really a must-see while in USS... we bounded ourselves to The WaterWorld to check its schedule at once... Lucky enough we would be able to watch their 4PM Sched... They normally run 2 shows a day, the other one being at 1PM... wootWoot!!!

      While waiting for Kevin for their stint... We were squandering our way to The Wilderness of The Lost World, entered into the world of The Dinoes....


           At 3:30 PM, we decided to line up for the long ques for Waterworld, we don't want to miss their last show of the day. As expected, swarm of theme park loevers started to pile at the Waterworld's Entrance 30 minutes before the live show started. What I hated the most though was I encountered a few Foreign Nationale that stinks like crazy, got a dose of that icky smell and I think I was starting to  faint out, good thing they opened the gates and all of us just came rushing in
and running like loco to get us a good seat. Whew! saved by the Bell!!!

Waterworld Arena   The Waterworld showcased a live performance of the film. And will surely provide you with the best WET Experience ever while watching,. Get literally splashed and soaked especially if you are sitting on the wet zone.. huWoW!!!  good luck!!! The Waterworld is enclosed in an Arena, bleachers are divided into 3 zones Blue for Wet Zone, Green for Splash and Red for Dry. I initially chose the RED Zone, since I don't wanna be drenched with water, anyway got no extra clothes for a possible change. I got a good spot of course after all the good running when the gates were opened.  But she just wanted to experience WATERWORLD. We were like only about a row apart from the Splash Zone, so we kinda just cross one bench over and there we were jus waiting to get wettish =)

  So 3 guys started with their acting stint within the wet area, throwing their lines, unexpectedly threw the first water thru the crowd and lucky enough for me. I was the first one that got wet... striked straight thru my left eye... for pete sake, I was wearing my contact lenses!!! ( I'm a near sighted, requires a glasses but insisted to wear soft lenses instead to avoid all the hassle) There I was, so frantic. I was really angry and shot an evil look on her. I totally just got myself wet there and in MY EYES!!! HMP!!!Suddenly, I remembered bringing an umbrella with me, so instead of yapping I just opened my umbrella in time for another dose of their water...  BEHLAT!!!

A few foreigner's wearing swim wears....cOoL!!! totally =)

The show featured a tidal wave of awesome death-defying stunts and wonderful explosions... (I really felt the HEAT there) it was really awesome!!! Worth running for!!!

Whoah, What a height?!!!

The Safari Ride, it was indeed a kiddie ride... a kid at heart,

again I settled for this =)

       At Last... I'm on the Land of the Pharaohs....   I opt to ride Revenge of the Mummy and The Battlestar Galactica in SCI-FI ... but I'm no Adrenaline Junkie, so I just settled for a kiddie SAFARI Ride. Just the thought of riding those fast motors, all the sudden drops.. gave me the jitters.... it simply scared the hell  out of me!!! No! no! NO!

Stike a Pose with Mr. Pharaoh..

The Battlestar Galactica

Opens in December 2012

       The rest of the afternoon was a blissfull walk along every avenues and alleys, meeting famous whoever... discovering stalls... trying to savor the taste of Movieworld, live in action

     Our last stop within USS was Steven Spielberg's Lights, Camera,  Action!!! The Director himself gave us a quick tour of his studio... I mean a video feed of him that was!!! He can't be there, can he? It provided us with the great effects one can get. Making it feel like you were actually on the scence... The experience was phenomenal!!!

     The scenario was on an old building fronting New York Skyscrapers. There was the great hurricane I believe...cause it totally blew the whole window off... there was a fire inside and the shake within the building was awesome... I was really waiting for that to happen though... 

Brown Derby

Monster Rock

Before heading off to the exit... some oldie songs on this avenue

Famished, this NACHOS will do =0

Bubhye USS!!!





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