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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

VIVA Cebu & Bohol!!!


It was a trip long planned... a trip subject for changes... a trip subject for cancellation...but whatever happens, my appetite for a good travel..... RULES!!!

We're about to set foot to Philippine's Jewel and The Queen City of the South!!!

 I started collecting information from back reading through blogs and forums just to get the better picture as to how this adventure would go about... but then again since this trip was almost a year planned, our SG-KL Trip transpired first before this all happened....

    The Adversary:
A magnitude 6.7 earthquake hit the Visayas Region just a month before this trip... and I some sort of backed out... was too afraid, and I was brave enough to tell my friends that I was a chickening out just because of the earthquake. Mixed emotions hovered over me...the thought of not going there sickened the whole of me...So the verdict is not to really go. On the week itself just 2 days before this day... precisely on a Monday March 12, 5 AM just as I woke up, a realization of an adventurer came rushing in ... I thought "there's no way ANGST will stop me from this. I will not miss this adventure just because of my fear!!! EVER!

                                                                    The rush: 

  As I quoted on my 2012 planner 
     Since we already booked ourselves almost a year now, still we don't  have place to stay at. So the scenario was we were all frantic... I assigned myself to Bohol Countryside tour plus the accommodations of course... I was really lucky that Naldix our tour guide replied on all my inquiries since day one of backreading... and was so lucky that even for a short notice he accommodated us. He even gave us a very reasonable price for the package... P11610 for 7 pax. My partner took in charge of  Cebu Day 1 accommodation plus inquiries to ferries going to Bohol and Vice Versa. We got ourselves a 2 way ticket from Cebu-Bohol from Ilink.ph. Quite expensive though, but we don't want all the hassle of falling to long ques, that's the reason why online payment was made right?

For Reference:  Cheap Bohol Tour Packages
                         Naldix Facebook Page
The Flight:

Flight via Cebu Pacific @ 10:15 PM with 20 Minutes delay... what do you expect? Sometimes all last flight out are meant to be delayed, yeah?


                                                                Cebu Domestic Airport

A good hour flight and touchdown to Mactan's Domestic Airport! Tiredness rules and we'd better hurry for tomorrow's gonna be day. A five hour stay @ Sampaguita Suites in Plaza Garcia did the trick for a quick beauty rest. Some wasn't able to get some sleep, some were so sluggish to even get up... It's gonna be one day for the group...

 Tagbilaran City's port is 2 hours away from the port of Cebu if you will take fast ferries like Oceanjet, Supercat and Weesam. Another option to enter Bohol is the city of Tubigon which is about an hour away from Cebu Port by Starcraft ferry.

Bohol by the way is dubbed as " Jewel of the Philippine" home to The world renowned Chocolate Hills is Bohol's famous landmark.

                  The sun was so high, a good vibe for a good countryside tour of the Bohol Island...
                And off we go to Pier 1 to catch our earliest ferry ride via Oceanjet to Tagbilaran Port.
Onboard Oceanjet 6
 We docked at exactly 9:15AM to Tagbilaran City.
    Naldix, our tour guide was in fact in time for our arrival... And I was late, well just for the reason of having been into countless photo ops inside the port... a few shots that was!


    We were so damn tired ... half of the group fell asleep and some including me enjoyed our only one night stay along Alona Beach. So a good Tanduay is all I need to forget how tired I was... For 4 nights in a row, I did not get much sleep with all the preparations... plus work.... Arghh.... I badly needed some break!!! The sound of the raging seas during a starless night... distressed me...

We spent the night @ White's and Greens...

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