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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Burgers + Burritos + Iced Tea = Army Navy

                          I've heard so many good reviews about Army Navy - Burger + Burrito. And despite crossing it a million times in SM Sky Garden, I would often just schedule a visit but would still end up eating on same the fast food (KFC or Wendy's) over and over again. 

                     Finally one night, having been tired after our strenuous grocery... and famished, I remembered Army Navy's Mission: "Come in Hungry.... Walk out Happy" I decided to ask them to have our late dinner at Army Navy Tomas Morato to end my curiosity.

Freedom Fries P65 & LiberTea Large P75
So Fave
Breakfast Burrito Steak 

Burger ( Classic, Single quarter-pound beef patty ) P155

Plain QUErida Mia P145

   Their in-house LiberTea is really a must try. I can line it up along with favorite Wendy's Iced tea and Tokyo Tokyo's Red Iced tea. It reminded me of the cold Es Teh (Iced Tea in Bahasa Malaysia) in Kopitiam in Central Market Kuala Lumpur.

       I fell in love with Freedom Fries as well... it's the thinner version of KFC's Fries. I love!!! 

      Another choice is their Querida Mia,  which taste like Quesadilla to me without the other half... just the soft taco and I believe 2 cheeses.
      They ordered Steak Burrito and Burger.... And everything that we ordered was indeed thumbs up!!!

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Assenav said...

Looks delicious... how much budget for 1 person?

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