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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

LADY GAGA "The Born This Way" Ball in Manila Day 2

"Born This Way" Ball Manila, May 21 & 22, 2012 
 SM Arena in SM Mall of Asia Complex
by OVATION Productions

    We watched the second and the last day of Lady Gaga's "The Born this Way" Ball Manila May 22, 2012 which was held in SM Arena in SM Mall of Asia Complex. 

Getting Snacks before the Monster Ball
Forgive me this pictures were just taken from my Tab... I'll try to post later more pics...
7:45 PM @ MOA Arena

Opening Act: clubbing with DJ ?  I danced a bit, you can't help it anyway. Nothing much about it just dancing and jumping but this was just in preparation for the big event, and when I say BIG... it was massive!!!

Opening DJ? 

Born This Way...

The show started of with a song I really don't know what... GAGA went out wearing all black riding a black horse. Perhaps, this was some kind of the prologue of the monster story..

Repertoire "Born this Way" Ball:  (there were about 2 or more songs that honestly I don't know)

    BORN THIS WAY where GAGA wore a lavish yellow gown, a mere "Imelda Marcos" like gown .
    YOU & I
   And the fab night concluded with MARRY THE NIGHT, where Mother Monster specifically
said on que to her last song "I do this every night before going to bed"

 MammaManila by Mother Monster

 ....I don't see why she was being accused of being satanic when all I can see totally art on all she does on the stage. I was utterly in awe with everything about the concert. The whole concept was awesome from the standing group in patron, the stage itself, with what GAGA did on every performance... and she just blew my mind... endless surprise awaited us.... from one performance to another... it was simply memorable... She was indeed born that way...

The monster stage... The Monster Castle that opens and closes and does many thing on every song was creatively designed...A Gothic-inspred Castle...it was beautiful!!!

The Adversary:
My camera died down on me... I thought I came here with complete armour... I had extra battery and deleted some pictures but wtf, I had insufficient memory card in the middle of her 5th song!!! Argh!!!

There was one part of the show though that really touched me, a sudden outpour of a great artist.... a heart of someone who doesn't embrace discrimination... a heart of a true person...on this particular part she tried to vent all the emotions she had over all the allegations of being who she is and what she does... And that made me like her pronto.

Over all the show was ginormously great!!! And when I say ginormous, it was really!!! GAGA is really a born artist.

The Opening

Born This Way


Paws Up


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