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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

The City of Pines, Baguio...

❤ Baguio
Lion's Head 1986

     Baguio City, The Summer Capital of the Philippines...  This is one place I will never get tired of visiting. With its great cool weather... I am always enticed to pay a visit hopefully every year. 

     I first stepped into the highlands when I was still a little kid. And the memory it brought me is still crystal clear. My family decided to spend our Holy Week of 1986 spontaneously up north. So we ended up just going to Pantranco hoping that we could get a ride with all the passengers trying to spend their own vacay as well on the same breeze...
     And so we went on without planning. At 5AM, we were already at the bus station... And just as Daddy thought... it was indeed a tough time to get through. My Dad decided to make that our morning...since it's just a good 5 minute ride back home, we left Pantranco dismayed. After taking our lunch, my Dad who's a born spontaneous and adventurer himself, decided to give it one more try. So we hailed a cab this time to make it in time for the 1PM schedule. We arrived just for another bus ETD... Everybody was like flocking on the buses' 2 doors to get a chance to get in. And this was one hell of a moment, I wasn't
expecting this... My Dad inserted me literally through the BUS WINDOW, he had me stepped unto the bus tires first and at last!!! In just a blink of an eye, I was inside and was saving both MOM and DAD a seat =)
     While on our way... honestly and I will not deny it. Being 5 that time... my knowledge about things were just limited... And I have to admit that the Philippine's that I know was just the only World in the WHOLE WORLD... was that small...So my story goes.... I was talking the whole time in pure CROOKED ENGLISH. My mom who knew nothing about what my motive was... (Well, I did not either ) My mom just noticed all the things I did when we where in Tarlac... Imagine, how I was so talkative without being tired at all with all the crappy things perhaps... I don't remember, really... My mom then asked me "Anak, baket ka ba English ng English?" I quickly answered without second thoughts... "Ssssh (with my pointer on my lips, gesturing my mom to shut up ) MOM, we're going to Baguio and I'm practicing English because of Americans there"  -toink!!-
Strawberry Farm, La Trinidad 2008
      From then on, Baguio has just been a Cubao to me... just a dash away 

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