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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Going Back to be Nocturnal & Missing the Yorkie

        I missed every shift's coffee so much!!! But this doesn't mean that I missed work... Argh!!!
While trying to concentrate on my work last night, my thoughts was always with our playful Yorkie.. He was left all by himself at our blissful crib. I was really worried sick that he might not get through the night (Drama!) He used to just Barf away whenever he needed some thing... So technically, we're not able to rescue his needs... like water maybe or his nocturnal poo as well... I missed the doggie so badly that I encouraged her to go home right away without rendering our sched Overtime anymore...

He's simply adorable!!!
     I tried to cast away the thought of missing the yorkie last night (honestly, I was wayOverReacting... MSoree) I frequented myself to the vendo machine to get more coffee ( a usual thingie that I do during shift, get out of the floor... walk around and get some 2 fills of coffee.. right away!) And what a wonderful way to start my week after being confined for almost a week in our blissful crib...we got a sweet treat from Mr. McDonald's!!! Despite being really full having eaten my homemade Chicken Sandwich... I did not say no McDonald's deep fried treat and their Chocolate Sundae, well who would? Sore Throat did not stop me at all to indulge to my sweet favorite!!!

     Back to reality, back to work... back to being nocturnal. Hopefully I'll get through. Anyway, it'll be just 3 days and off I head to another 2 days off!!!

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