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Friday, September 07, 2012

Weekend Adventures with the PoohPickers...


 My weekend adventure spent with my cousins "The Poohpickers" as we call ourselves just so abruptly was filled with so much fun and laughter. We've been all waiting for this since we've reunited 2 weeks ago. It's been the buzz within our FB messages.
   It was supposed to be a SLUMBAH Party turned out to be a MAKE-UP Session by the   YOUNGSTERS... I did not include myself though... I was really sick when we reached Better Living late Saturday night. I just opted myself to retire after our late dinner at Gela's humble home. It was one tiring day and very ghastly... En route to Paranaque before picking up something to nibble at Wendy's Pioneer... my right eye suddenly tingled, it bulged a bit before making the whole of it hurt so bad that it was no longer bearable, I needed to remove my contacts right away. Good thing... I'm kind of a girl scout, that's how my colleagues regard me for having almost anything that they needed.. and I always have medications ready for possible whatever...

We usually go to Better Living back in the late 80's until the early 90's so getting back here was really hassle free. It's just that there are a few changes within the area. It required us to utilize the very useful google map to reach the place once again after so many years. Hello?! How can we remember, we were so young then ( I was of course the eldest... I can remembr some but of course so many changes took place after 10 years... )

We were expected to be there at dinner time but we arrived very late at 9:30PM.

By the way, we brought our playful Yorkie "IKIE" with us... who's a little bit uncontrollable because of the crowd. I was a bit scared that he might end up hurting some but he was really worth bringing, he was a nice kiddo all through out the trip...

After my quick late night dinner, I asked for some space to settle in for the meantime. My head ached terribly plus my eyes needed to shut off to recover from being so damn itchy, dried and tired!

While I was away to dreamland, my cousins were really having the time of their lives.. Going back to yester years, trying to be teeners once again having their own make up party... And they were really having a great time together.  Pictures cannot hide that... It was so Girlish! My sister who's a born make-up artist made the youngest her doll while others tried to toggle along. I heard them laughing like crazy... (just like the old days... when we're still kids playing around) I really envy that moment though but really... I was so sick  and dead tired to get up. So after a few checking with them and the YORKIE for quite sometime without even bothering to get up... I slept my way again to dreamland. 

   They were about to call it a day when I finally felt fully recharge and was about to get up when they all decided its bedtime... "Ah ok... " I uttered and went back to sleep.

 Rise and Shine by 5AM for me... then everyone followed by 5:30... we bounded ourselves to my fave destination down south.... Tagaytay City for a hasty breakfast at Viewsite.

And whew, what a fog that greeted all of us!!!Our still curious playful Yorkie

Some Pasalubong

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