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Monday, August 27, 2012

My quick & easy Pancit Canton ♨

      My loev for Pancit Canton was quite evident since childhood when Lucky Me was not really widely known and overly taken as staple food for those who wanted every food to be instant especially if one is in a hurry and starving. I started cooking this at the age of 10 while mom was away doing her grocery every weekend and I was left with my then 2 month old youngest sister ( Well, She's already 21 now...) Well, of course with my Lola's supervision with the baby... While she's busy looking over my baby sissy AVA, I often sneaked in to our kitchen and kinda mess around a bit... I found noodles on our kitchen cabinet and some veggies inside the fridge and TA-DAH!!! 30 minutes after... my Lola was surprised to see merienda being prepared by me!!! This has been a routine each and every weekend before I discovered the joy of baking 2 years after... before graduating in primary school. I remember making this usually after watching Shaider and Bioman of course   ツ 

      It was the simplest and tastiest pancit they've ever savored as per my LOLA & LOLO... who has been  my regular clientele. I sincerely loeved cooking and baking for them... making their Tummies HAPPY!!! Pancit Canton, My Biko, Maja Blanca, Nutty Brownies, Oatmeal Cookies, Moist Banana Cake and Devil's Food Cake were among their fave. Anyway, enough of the reminiscin'... 

Here's my very simple dish: 
   (Can regard as an Instant Pancit Canton, prep time 10 mins)


Pancit Canton
✓Garlic and Onion
✓Squid Balls
✓Baguio Beans
✓Soy Sauce
✓Chicken or Beef Stock
✓Salt and Pepper to taste

*** If snow peas are available better add that up for more nutritional value... (I'm finding it hard to get it from the supermarket I usually go to... But I normally had that as one of my ingredient.

Method ☞  Simply sauté 2 cloves garlic and medium sized onion on a wok, add the squid balls cooking it for 3 mins. Add in the veggies, 2 tbsp of soy sauce, salt & pepper to taste. Set aside leaving only about ¼  of the vegetable mixture. Pour in stock on the wok, just eyeball soy sauce depending on your taste preference. Let it boil before adding the canton noodles.  It would only take 5 mins to soften the dried noodles and you're already done. Plate it. Top it off with the veggies that you have set aside earlier.

        Drizzle it with a native lemon, Calamansi before munch time. 
Despite being sick for almost forever, I managed to cook it this morning to satisfy our cravings... very simple lang naman eto... no fancy ingredients.

Made this last July 13th. I had left over Lechon from Baliwag, and so I was inspired to create this.

     It doesn't take any Birthdays or any kind of celebration to cook this fave Filipino Food... In fact instead of cooking instant pancit canton such as Lucky Me or whatever... find time to cook this perhaps on second thought, enjoy it more on the nutritional side!  

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