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Saturday, August 25, 2012

I'm a little bit under the weather....


      It all started last Friday Night... I knew I'll be down with colds. My friend and colleague who's down with colds, just had water therapy for a week now and still not alleviated.  I think i got it from her. Never realized that it would be this serious!!! And when I meant serious... it was! it really was!!!

       On our way to work last Tuesday... I was already teary eyed due to this irritating colds and terrible headache that caused me to be early out from work. Aaaargggghhhh!!! 30 minutes to be exact on the floor and I was hitting mr. snooze right away and just right inside my workplace!!! I did not bother going home or heading the Sleeping Quarters because it was really hard to walk, so I just decided to sleep right away once I provided my Clinic Pass to SUP. 

      24 hours after, I tried getting back to work... but really it was such a pain in the ass to try talking and talking for hours!!! Went back down to Clinic and unfortunately, the DOC was not IN. But then I made one possible way to make an excuse plus good thing SUP's a Nursing Grad... understood my situation and decided to just let me out of the ques. Thank God!!!

        This is enough I need to see a doctor seriously this time... Got MEdicard right? So, why not utilize it? Normally, we would just go to a one stop clinic like HEALTHWAY in SM The Block, but it is no longer accredited by our Health Provider so we decided to go to The Medical City in Trinoma which is practically near. But then Our company who's recognized as The First ever BPO in the Philippines who just celebrated its 15th year is simply not accredited here YET!!! OK Fine, HUMANA was to the rescue of course which was just a few walks away from Trinoma. It's just that we needed to cross the polluted EDSA via overpass!!! WHATEVER!
      NO ENT but there was Family Medicine Doctor... it's better to have this checked. Was diagnosed with an ACUTE Respiratory Tract Infection, provided with meds but was only required to REST ONE DAY!!! The hell with you DOCTOR WHOEVER you ARE!

down with severe upper respiratory tract infection, took a night off and rest with medications... argh! hate it! despise it much!
     So, another 24 hours passed and still I wasn't feeling OK!!! I think I've worsened!!! My eyes were all swollen and this time I got high temp!!! Need to call in sick again... "OMD I'm sorreee but I can't report to work tonight because of this and that......"

      Another 2 night passed and I think I'm missing work so much!!! 
      Saturday morning,  I opted myself to go St. Luke's Medical Center... I needed someone who'll take my health fervently without any doubts despite obvious signs!!!  I was given Dra. Edith Yap-Legaspi and she was kind of shocked that I was just given a day off. According to her, I badly needed a rest!!! Just continue with my meds and rest till I get better...

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