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Thursday, August 16, 2012

SPICE GIRLS in Istanbul 1997


  After my painstaking leaf through to the wonderful world of the net... I finally came across something worth digging in from YouTube!!! Me and my Dad's priceless VHS collection... accidentally damaged 10 years ago and we were left with nothing to savor each and every time we missed them!!! Good thing MusicLoversParadise had this full copy and he or she was kind enough to post my fave Spice Girls concert!!!

     This was one of our Qtime together back in the days.We just sit around in front of our television set with the VHS turned on... we watched this concert constantly for 4 consecutive years almost every week until of course Britney came into the picture that we watched it less and until it got abused from countless reruns...  A time we had together sometimes with my 2 other siblings while dad was having his usual drinking "BEER" sessions and my endless "NESTEA" sessions ღ ... I was not left with nothing to drink, definitely. We recorded this on VHS from ~ well, if my memory serves me right, from HBO ~

                         Join me as I watch it over and over again ツ

                                                                    " If U Can't Dance"

"Who Do You Think You Are"  "Something Kinda Funny"

"Saturday Night Divas"  "Say You'll Be There" 

 "Step to  Me"


"2 Become 1"  "Stop"

"Too Much"  "Spice Up Your Life"

"Love Thing"  "Mama"

"Move Over" "Wannabe"  

 ღ I'm a certified Spice Girls loever! Had my teenage years at the same exact time GIRL POWER was born. I certainly embraced their music and even included it on my repertoire in all my practices ღ

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