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Monday, August 20, 2012

Patching up with dear Gela ღ

    Was it 14 or 13 years since I last saw that pretty young gal in white tees? Well, shall I say that it only took one Angela ( whose name meant of course heaven sent) to reunite the total gurl power of the clan...
    She was only around 7 years old perhaps when we all last saw her and look at her now... God, time flies so fast! Gela, you're no longer a baby nor a miss, you're candidly a MRS now... ( naunahan mo pa lahat ng mga ate mo! ツ ... ako hindi ata? technically hindi... ) 

                  I missed the days!!! And I'm really really happy that we had one precious night together...

                            .... But this doesn't end on this night? ayt? We'll have one BIG one, definitely!!!  ON SEPTEMBER 1st... it'll be MASSIVE!!!

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