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Saturday, August 31, 2013


    Who says we cannot make a cake in 2 1/2 hours? hehe... I had a six inch red velvet cake with 1 dozen of red velvet cupcakes order from a long lost friend who's now currently based in Denmark. I knew it was scheduled to be delivered August 30th but for some reason I really got lost track of time. And so we went on with the day, in fact we had such a ginormous schedule yesterday! Damnit! Doctors appointment for dad and some neuro test for him too... we had our lunch  renewing the car's registration at LTO and got stuck for almost 3 hours because of their down system. Anyways, moving forward, when we were about to have our late lunch.... friend from Denmark texted asking me to send her the pic of the cake... I answered immediately.... "bukas ko pa gagawin" then she texted back and said "tonigh ang party" And I was like "weh" 😊 I started checking for the calendar and because to be honest... we knew all along it'll be for Saturday!!!!!! The heck! I started sipping like huge amount of sip of my very large Bonchon Iced tea... I almost choke! Its almost 4pm and the dinner will start at 7.... and we're still on the road 😞 damnDAMN! With orders cancelled, we headed off to go home.... with trafficc jam as our obstacle and fights in between.... I almost fainted!!! Once parked, I jumped off and ran.... hit the kitchen and preheated the oven! And alas I have no table sugar! Eeeeeer! really Eeeer! good thing this sugar can be bought at a nearby store..... 5pm the cake's hitting the oven! 5:30pm it was the cupcakes turn! woah! it felt like we're contending in Cupcake Wars with limited time to spare.... Hello... Im no PRO yet... I know that! but really at 6:30pm we're finally frosting and decorating! Superb! I was so happy and satisfied with the simple work done!!! 

   Here's our finish product....

       Our friend's BFF red velvet cake!


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