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Saturday, July 26, 2014

reBlogging....... The Clog😊

    I have been itching to blog about so many things but time won't allow me. Really now......was I that busy lately that I had no slot for my fave thing to do. Apart from this, I wasn't really into baking  too..... so what happened then? Perhaps, we were really that buseeee completing requirements for our new job with the new companeeee. Anywayzzzzz, yup we had a short vacay over the lil island of Okinawa back in March and hopefully, if time would allow, I would be able to share a few things and of course photos of that  instantaneous trip... Aside from that we also had quite an extravagant vacay over to the island of BoRacay!!!!!!! I must say it was the best so far! but really it was cut short...... eRrrr! We stayed at Discovery Shores for 3 days and it felt like we won this trip on some contest or whatever beCuzzzzzz we did not spend any single cent.... all expense paid courtesy of tita Baby and Tito Boy.... myOhmy, guys you are the best!💋 
Oh yup we (SWEET BLISS Cupcakes) also had joined about 2 bazaars last summer..... maybe I will never ever join bazaars EVEr again😒... it was really tedious especially if you are a one man band inside the kitchen... extra hand is not enough... think I need maybe 2 to 3 more😊
I also celebrated my 34th year here on earth and it was awesome! Becuzzzzzz I got to eat a Chocolate Caramelie cake from Goldilocks.... loved it!😋😋😋  (ang babaw lang..... hehe)

And yes, we already signed off from Sykes/ICT after having been under their care for almost 8 years.... rested for almost 6 months and still kindOfffffffffff complaining that it wasn't enough😉...... hoped that we can be a buMmeR for D rest of our lives! Imagine where we would be ending up...... harhar! But back to reality before June ended..... we started our training and gained aLottttttt of friends and one Errrrrr😉 its really inevitable.... right? So there goes what happened......

      By the way..... I wasn't really into baking like what I did from July 2013 to maybe May2014..... but I did some baking and decorating.....


so there.....just a few morsels of what seemed to be like........ nothing of whatever! Just making No sense😳😉

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