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Friday, September 19, 2014

Bed Weather today👍👎👆👇

....... We made a vow to never ever ABSENT ourselves on our new JOB to any nonsense reason,but this SuperMario gave us a reason to be stuck and just be confined within our humble abode😊 It wasn't really worth the risk to go out after all it was a heavy downpour since last night...same as what Ondoy had us experienced nearly 5 years ago.....plus that fact that we already gave it a try early this morning and ended up soaking wet and dismayed😔 we went back home separately😕 

    It was indeed a bed beather today but the thought of losing 1day pay, well all I can do is Sigh.... anyways, it's our safety that is at risk here. Tried to sleep but my mind is just abou the money money money... ahihihi 💲💲💲⭕️

    Anyways, I really wanted to be productive today but I'm just too lazy to get up! So I just decided to cuddle within the comforts of my cozy blanket but still too sluggish to even sleep? arrrrgh duh😕then I decided to surf the net..... then I got tired of it! So here I am blogging with nothing to say😧 well maybe I'll kust sleep and so some sound tripping🎧   

    till i dunno when😮

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