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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dolphin Watching, Bohol

Not this one...nah!!!

Balicasag Island


  The Chase is on
            ..... with Island Hopping on the side


 The Package we got from Naldix cost us P11,610 for 7 pax inclusive of  his rented van, him as our tour guide, accomdations @ Whites & Greens Beach Resort and Bohol Country Side Tour. 
   For the Island Hopping with Dolphin Watching, Naldix got us a package/rented motorized banca for P2000 which we thought was inclusive of everything we needed. Naldix explained to us though that Goggles and Snorkels were only limited to 5 pieces which we understood.  Before heading off to that Island Hopping Adventure, we asked him for the Nth time ( just to make sure ) probably if there will be other things that we need to pay since we will be bringing a minimal amount of cash with us. He instructed us to just bring P100 for the tour guide.

Panglao's Sunrise
      I managed to be up so early despite being a bit drunk from last night's drinking session... "I just hope nausea will not strike me once we hit the seas..."
     Before 6AM, we all headed to the resort's resto and consumed our complimentary breakfast...they served Consilog and a piece of my favorite Banana... the resort also provides unlimited 3-in-1 nescafe original and mineral water.
Our Hearty Breakfast 
     Packed with all the energy we needed, we headed towards the banca we rented for the chase is on...... hopefully we'll get to catch them.

30 minutes after being adrift.... a few motorized bancas including ours flocked together as if we all have a secret meeting that we needed to meet up here in the middle of the infinite seas...
we waited and waited... silence and silence, then roaring sound of the engine... and another engine... and off we go... finally the chase was really on this time... 

My first chase ever to this loveable creature. I used to watch them do their stints back in Pasay in the 90's...

   After the so called chase with the Dolphins, we headed to Balicasag for Snorkeling... 

   On this spot happened the great argument-um vitae =) with the islanders... The water/reef shoes we thought was included, they're charging us P150 each for the rent... it's a must, definitely... you don't want walking barefoot on the reef... We haggled P50 but it seemed all of the natives there begged to disagree. We finally settled to P100 each. Only 5 of us made it to the reef. Tita L was nauseated so badly (Sea Sick, I guess) they were forced to stay on the island.

Balicasag is well-known dive spot. You can enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving around the island.

After our FUN Snorkeling under waters

   One thing that I have regretted on this adventure aside from the mishap with the natives of course... I failed to bring my disposable water camera which was really intended for this trip...

    Anyways, one of my colleague happened to be in the same site a few days after, so I just grabbed this 2 pictures from her FB Photos... And this was how it looked like while we were under the waters....

 Hi Nemo!!!

   After the fun under the sun and within the waters of Bohol... The arguments began, they were charging us P700 for the tour guides and additional P200 for the goggles and snorkel... they said that we were 7 and only 5 goggles were free.  
   We have to remind them that we were only 5 that carried on snorkeling. But the real shit here was that they were asking for P100/pax/guide!!! The heck with them! There were only 2 guides!!!  They also by the way charged us the P2000 for the banca rental. We have to explain that we already paid this yesterday before Naldix left us back from our country side tour.
   Anyway, we settled that we need to talk to Naldix first to clarify things and we'll pay them later, they agreed somehow.
   So our trip to Virgin Island went on awfully... this time for some reason, the fast banca went on drifting languidly. At 9:45 AM, we were still darting our way towards Virgin Island. And from there, it would still be an hour away back to Panglao Island.

 The Virgin Island

   I really don't know if we would make it in time for the check-out at 12 PM, though Naldix bargained for a 1 PM check out...Still... we need more time to squeeze in everything...We arrived at exactly 10:25 AM to Virgin Island. From a distance it appears to be enticing...
An it really was... 

 Virgin Island or Puntod island: Virgin island is an uninhabited islet where you can enjoy a long string of white beach...By the way on this island you can find some trees like mangroves and Pandan trees... it crescent shaped boasts a lovely sandbar...

   BananaQ in the middle of isolation... why not? We were starving...So, we treated ourselves with BananQ and a can of Sprite =) Now...we decided to just stay in Virgin Island for 30 mins just for photo ops...and onboard again to the slowest motorized banca ever...

   We arrived in Whites & Greens pass 12 noon and the rush was on.... We only have 1 bathroom to maximize the 7 of us.
   We checked out @ exactly 1:15 PM with no extra charge.
   We had a delivery from nearby resort for lunch. Anyway, back in the resort before leaving they enlightened us about the rental charges. 
   We killed time inside the resort's restaurant surfing the net until Naldix picked us up. And by the way   Whites & Greens provided free WIFI. We had a scheduled ferry ride back to Cebu @ 4PM.

Whites and Greens Resort Landscapes

Blogging against the raging seas

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