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Monday, July 13, 2015

Our very own Ashley Alcayde ~ on her very first Singing Contest🎤


          ***M - A - S - S - I - V - E !!! Forgive me about this write up, but who else would love its 
 own, but this girl's own family.....😊......✌️

      Im still on CLOUD NINE, several hours after watching my niece's <Ashley Alcayde> over the very prominent youth oriented The Voice Kids Season 2 show.... It was a release long overdue.. I never expected that the same naive shy type girl like me will have this courage to join singing contest, in the first place, after all it was really her first contest ever and yup.... She joined such a huge one! So I was like, c'mon Ash how did it go? How did it happen? But really Ashie TitaNinang is way toooooooo proud of this... Really!!! Like, I should be sleeping by now, but this THING is quite overwhelming! 😍😍😍

     After your performance, I was still in awe that my own page was outnumbered plus the overflowing comments and likes, we are receiving... I'm just so proud of you and I just can't get enough of everything.. As I've said I'm still on cloud nine.. Dunno when this will end❔🔚🔚❔

     I'm happy that, finally I get to watch you perform. I regret the fact that I wasn't physically there to support you ~but I'm glad, I wasn't there otherwise I could have been rushed to ER, I might have passed out due to excitement and all☺️Kidding aside, 👊 You're the best! Love your own ayt? Whatever happens, I've got your back kiddo! I love❤️You AshleyFerrei💋






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